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Reformation II

500 years ago, astrological influences powered the revolution that broke the back of the Papal Imperium. Those self-same influences are working today.

At 23.45 this evening, Saturday 20th June 2020, they will reach their highest intensity.

Here is what you can do with it:-



For everyone

The first thing that everyone can do, no matter if you're even an absolute beginner, is this;-


Use your mind to bring the white light of truth down to Earth. Make it flood every room, every nook and cranny so that there is no place without illumination.


It's helpful if this is co-ordinated so, if you can, do it for the first five minutes of every hour from now onwards until next Wednesday but especially today and tomorrow.


You can also use and radiate the fear dissolver transmission:-
Please do this for the second 5 minutes in every hour







For those who have been practicing the Messiah training, use wrath to forbid anyone to hide or to hide anything. When the "evil ones" reach for their tools of power, deny them access.



New Moon Trained

Those who have completed the New Moon Trainings will know what of your abilities to use. You will also find that you may need to co-ordinate the actions of others making their first venture into The Field; you will feel this as you begin your tasks.

Many other groups are also planning mass-action. You may well find it useful to also liaise with them in The Field.




Blessed be

Karma Singh


20th June 2020



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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now more than TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!





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