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The Sap is rising

What is going to be happening to you over the next few weeks?

The burgeoning Spring is when the trees begin to draw water and nutrients up from their roots to open the buds which they made against the Winter’s wrath.

Curiously, exactly the same thing happens with people!

Not only plants but also all other creatures prepare themselves for greatly increased activity which comes as the days grow longer and warmer. We humans do this as well.
All of our bodies’ organs go through a sort of “Spring Cleaning” process in which they attempt to discharge all of the toxins that they have accumulated throughout the Winter. This is why, around this time of year, colds and ‘flu make another resurgence: These are all natural cleaning processes which remove cold materials so as to allow your body to be more flexible and durable. These processes put an especial strain upon the kidneys.
The Deep State, through their pre-purchased politicians and press, are attempting to call this natural, annual event “Covid-19 3rd Wave” but, fortunately, nature ignores politicians and runs according to the Divine Plan; apart from which, before you can have a “third wave” a first and a second must have taken place. Published statistics show that these have never happened – it’s all hype with no substance.

Normally, these natural detoxification processes are merely subjectively unpleasant and inconvenient both to those undergoing them as well as to those around them. What you need to bear in mind is that they are natural healing processes and, if your body doesn’t need them, then it won’t use them. This is also why so very few people have any serious problems.

A so-called “epidemic” can be called when just one percent of the population undergo the same healing process! Even in a “pandemic” (something which, incidentally, has not happened since the year 1665) 95% of the population is unaffected!
The only question you need to ask is, “Will it affect me?” Statistics can offer you no answer because they merely analyse the symptom (the effects). How many have “become ill” tells you absolutely nothing about your body’s detoxification needs.
There is a book which tells you how such things actually do work and why “medical theories” have more holes than a colander. It is called “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” and is available exclusively here:-

So, how can you pre-determine whether you will go through one or more of these detoxification processes?

If your body does not have a troublesome quantity of stored toxins then, obviously, it will not need a cold or the ‘flu or bronchitis or any of the other natural detoxification tools. Your question is, therefore, “How can I get rid of any stored toxins and thus obviate any need for any uncomfortable and inconvenient processes?”

The principle source of such toxins is that which you put into your mouth and swallow. All of these things end up in your intestines where the usable parts are absorbed into your blood and used to regenerate and feed all of your body’s cells. Ideally, any unusable residues are ejected from your large intestine into the toilet. Unfortunately, many aspects of the modern diet contain significant amounts of (largely unnatural) substances which your body can neither use nor easily dispose of. These then get stored in your abdomen and, later, in layers of extra fat under your skin or they cause your body to take up large amounts of additional water in order to dilute the toxins below the danger level.
Here it must be made clear that these storage areas may not be immediately obvious in the form of extra pounds or girth; the fatty storage areas can be so evenly distributed under your entire skin that your appearance can be almost normal (whatever “normal” means). Over the years, of course, unless the real problem is tackled, these deposits will get thicker and thicker.
As “the sap” rises, your body will make use of the extra energy available in order to eject stored toxins. This is why such detoxification processes always show an increase late in February and throughout March.

If you take action to remove these stored toxins then none of the processes that we have been (incorrectly) taught to call “illness” will be triggered.

There are, of course, lots of other benefits such as mental clarity, smoother and more elastic skin, better muscle tone and much more. Basically, everything works better if there is no dirt clogging them up.

Dr. Uwe Häcker, a leading German toxicologist and former advisor to the WHO, has studied this in great detail and, over the years, developed a completely plant-based (i.e. also suitable for vegans) detoxification programme which gently removes most of your stored toxins. It actually works by pulling the residues that your body can’t cope with out of the walls of your intestines, binding them and helping your body to eject them into the toilet. This has a sort of “reverse osmosis” effect of pulling toxins from any and all storage areas throughout your body into your intestine where they are bound and ejected from your body.
The effects of this level of cleaning are legion and not, in any way, limited to merely reducing fatty layers or superfluous water.

Your intestines are the centre of your immune system. It is here that your body produces many of the substances and particles which neutralise any invading parasites. If your intestines are swollen up with toxins that they have great difficulty in processing then they are not going to function with very great efficiency. Cleaning them of such stored toxins can greatly improve the effectiveness of your natural immunity.

That which Dr. Häcker has developed is called “Actio” and is available exclusively here:-

Chirada and I and many of our friends have used Actio for some time and can confirm its effectiveness with zero side-effects.
The next newsletter:-
"The Box" and how to get out of it.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
28th February 2021


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