How to save the World by next Tuesday

Well, it just might take a couple of days longer, we’ll see. It’s a matter of practice, that’s all.


We were actually given this some years ago and there are a number of people who practice this regularly. I’ve now been asked to put it on “general release”.


The time has been reached when it becomes possible to remove a very large part of the World’s ills by exposing them to the light, for what is darkness other than the absence of light?


This is how to do it. It is in three parts, the first to warm up, the second to get your personal freedom and the third is for the World. This IS the correct order. First you THEN the World – you cannot give that which you have not first received!


Now, I know that there are some self-named “Christian” sects wherein it is taught that to meditate upon the light is to let Satan take over your mind. Someone actually said this to me in Los Angeles in June to justify his suffering and complete dissatisfaction with himself and his life. Let me just ask you this: Just why, then, did Jesus go into the wilderness to meditate for six weeks? Was it not so that he could REMOVE all traces of Satan from his presence?


Part I.

You can either do this alone or with an acquaintance but not yet with a close family member. You can also do it in a “healing circle” if you wish whereby the technique is slightly different. Scroll to the bottom to read the variation for the healing circle.


What I want you to do is to sit somewhere comfortable with your spine and head erect and your hands open, palm upwards upon your knees. Visualise an acquaintance (or if you’re doing this together with them present in the room try to “look inside” them). What you want to concentrate upon is a column of energy about as broad as your wrist moving up the middle of their body as in this sketch.


This column of energy is permanently there. The energy which is creating it, however, moves constantly upwards.


The next stage is to consciously pour lots of brilliant white energy into this column within the person you’re practicing with. So brilliantly, radiantly white that you can barely look at it. After about 10 – 15 minutes, let the column expand about 10 feet down into the Earth and about 6 feet above his/her head. Fill this expanded column for about a further 5 minutes. That’s it.


You will notice that you feel much lighter and clearer. If you’ve been doing it as a pair, i.e. with your practice partner physically there and doing it simultaneously, then you are going to feel even more nice things.


Should you be having constant problems with, for example, a work colleague, then do this exercise with them (in the visualisation mode, of course; don’t tell them) over about a week and you will find that the difficulties will just evaporate.


I want you to practice this a few times with several different people before you go on to part 2.


Part II.

This can be a little uncomfortable at first but brings enormous rewards.


What I want you to do is to visualise your mother before you in the way in which you last saw her. It does not matter if she is no longer physically present in the World, the benefits will still accrue.


Now, do the visualisation form of the exercise with her.


Repeat this with your father.


Do these daily for about a week.


What if you were adopted or brought up in an orphanage or have never met your father?

First do the exercise with your adoptive parents/care takers in the orphanage. This may take you a couple of weeks. Take the time, it’s worth it. When you’ve done this, you will find that you are able to connect within yourself with the essence of your physical parents. Then do the exercise with them.


Part III – Saving the World.

This is no exaggeration; this is precisely what this exercise is for: Turning the massed consciousness of humanity away from suffering and towards the light.


There are places upon this Earth where the “Forces of Darkness” (for want of a better name) concentrate their efforts to keep humanity in suffering by creating “justified” wars, protecting special interests damaging to humanity as a whole, suppressing “natural freedoms” and knowledge etc., etc.


It is now time for us to re-conquer these places.


Obtain good photographs of your senator, your congresswoman/man, Member of Parliament, etc. and any other local government figure. Avoid, however, the members of the Busch and Blair executive/cabinet – many of them are so deeply into the darkness that they will “bite back”. There is a special experienced group trying to rescue them.


Spend 15 to 20 minutes each day filling each of them with the brilliant white light; Whether you voted for them or not! It’s about turning things around so that you and your family can prosper in safety.


Obviously, the more who do this the greater the effect. So please do pass this on to all your friends and acquaintances. You can, of course, give them the link by which you received it. If, however, you have advanced computer skills or your own website, it would be very much better if everything did NOT link back to one source. A single source can easily be blocked. Hundreds of thousands cannot!

So, you can download this entire document as a PDF and forward it on in this manner. You can put it on your website(s) and refer people to it there. You can print it out and put it into the mail. Any way that you can think of to distribute this, use it.


Even if those goes completely viral and 20 million start practising today, it is still going to take two to three weeks to turn things around.


Go for it. It’s you life, your family, your World! Take them back into your hands.


Warmest regards


Karma Singh



The Light Column practice as a healing circle


The only differences to the simple practice are these:


A)   The first part is done with everyone facing inwards and each participant should visualise the column in everyone else present in the circle but not in him/herself.

B)    The second part (with the parents) should be done with everyone facing outwards.

C)   The third part should be done with three members focusing upon each politician being “cleaned”.





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