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This Newsletter has two Topics

The Power of the People


The Saviour of the World  (main article)




People Power

We have all seen how, over the last year or so, the internet megaliths have abrogated to themselves a “right of censorship” over what we the people will see, hear and read.

Just this last week, Amazon decided to ban all books, videos and other information not supportive of vaccination. My own book detailing not only what in pharmaceutical medicine does not work and why but also what does work and why it is so much cheaper is, of course, also no longer welcome at Amazon. You can still get it here 'though! Please note that the printed version will not be available again until early April but the download e-book is, of course, immediately available.

You might well ask why Jeff Bezoz, the owner of record of Amazon, is doing this, i.e. what does he or Amazon get from it?

The answer is, directly, nothing at all; so why is he doing it? The solution, as in so many such cases, lies in following the money.


Amazon is deep in debt and is only surviving with the “good will” of the bankers.

The pharmaceutical industry which is, after banking, the second biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity and the second most profitable “business” in the world is now in deep shit as ever more people realise that it is a total fraud and one of its three most profitable activities, vaccination, is in danger of imminent collapse as daily more people realise that it not only doesn’t and never could work but that it also serves to SPREAD disease.


As a favour to the bankers, who are also major shareholders in the pharmaceutical business, Mr. Bezoz has agreed to prohibit access to all books and other articles critical of vaccination specifically and the pharmaceutical industry in general.


We don’t have to take this lying down.

We, together, are much more powerful than the bankers.

There is NOTHING on Amazon that you can’t easily get elsewhere.
Just do it.


A total world boycott of Amazon at no cost or inconvenience to you.

WE will teach Mr. Bezoz and the bankers who is boss!







YOU are the saviour of the World

there are no two ways about it, it is what you do which determines not only the course of your own life but that of humanity also.


It’s a question of what you choose to believe. It’s easiest to believe “the Establishment” because that is what you and your family have been doing for centuries but does that make it true?


In his first book “Conversations with God”, Neale Donald Walsch makes it plain that this is a world ruled by lies and liars. It doesn’t take much effort, when you look around you, to see that this is so.


Belief has no regard for truth. Most of the things which people generally believe are not true. It is the choice to believe so much untruth which has made you a slave. Yes, I mean this in earnest: Are you the sovereign Lord/Lady over your own life? - over your own property? - over your own being? - or are you beholden to some petty bureaucrat, some petty god in a white coat or fancy dressed priest, some billionaire “overlord”, and, ultimately, to a banker?


The only power that they have over you is YOUR belief that they have power over you. Note, YOUR BELIEF; not theirs but yours! They need you to believe them but is that what you need? They won’t set you free but you can! All that you need to do is to stop believing that which is not true.




How can you know what is true and what isn’t?


It is a natural ability built into you at the point of creation. You KNOW, which is why so much effort has been put into persuading you not to use this ability. And yet, because it is a natural ability, it is surprisingly easy to set it free again.


Their first tool by which they have trapped you is fear. Now fear, you will note, always and without exception concerns itself with the future; never with what is actually happening. Fear is never more than a “might be” but, by believing in it, you give it your power and create exactly that which you feared. If, however, you remove the fear, your natural ability to discern truth will disempower and delete their fantasy.


It is now almost five years since I published in a newsletter, free of charge, a simple exercise to do every day which will free you from fear.
The opposite of fear is peace.
The tool to get there is love.
This is how to do it (still free of charge). Please pass it on to everyone you know.


Note here, the current mass-propaganda aimed at making vaccination compulsory (because it so obviously fails) cannot and does not use proven scientific facts (because there aren’t any) to support their case but exclusively fearmongering such as: “If you don’t vaccinate your child and someone else gets ill and dies then you could be prosecuted for manslaughter” (no, you couldn’t be, but I’d love to see them try because they would first have to prove in a court of law that vaccination works - a thing which they cannot do because all hard scientific evidence shows that vaccination at best does not work and, most commonly, actually spreads disease!)


This is, then, the next step; information.


A few months ago, I published my latest book showing precisely why pharmaceutical medicine and especially vaccination does not and never could work combined with detailed information of what DOES work and why. The book is available both as an e-book to download as well as a printed book per mail. Until the end of March, the printed book is out of stock so, if you order the printed book now, I’ve had the online shop set to send you the e-book straight away and the printed copy will follow in the post as soon as it is received from the printers.

Here’s the book’s website:-





“I am the way, the truth and the light.” is the result of miscopying by ill-educated monks who had little understanding of what they were reading and altered it to what they thought made more sense.

Here is what Jesus actually said:-


The I AM is the way, the truth and the light.


I hope that you see the difference. The first, miscopied, version implies that someone else is the only one who can get there. The correct version shows that you are in charge, you are the one who decides.


So, what is this “I AM”?
It is nothing less than the full knowledge and experience of who you truly are; it is the removal of all the false beliefs which have separated your earthly self from your whole, immortal self.

In Sanskrit, I AM translates as “Guru”, a word which means “the Path to God”; the re-awakening of who you really are.


There are a number of tools available from a variety of sources which are designed to help you get there. Kriya Yoga is one of these and is something which I did practice for many years until I was offered the initiation to become a teacher. At that moment, my overall teacher stopped me and told me that I had other things to do.
Kriya yoga itself was introduced at a time in human history of reducing world energy which made such progress very difficult and practicing Kriya yoga is VERY time consuming.


Late last year, I was entrusted with a new tool which is very, very fast. In three short online sessions spread over a few days, it re-opens the channel of consciousness enabling you to reach your higher self (or angel self or whatever else you wish to call it) and remove the separation barriers between your Earth-bound self and your angel self.

With a few minutes daily practice, you will quickly become once again your whole self - your I AM!
Details are here.

Please do not confuse this with the Light Pillar of Life.

Although the two will enhance each other, the Light Pillar is both your personal power pack and your access to universal knowledge. It is a powerful tool to help you on your chosen path: It is, unlike Mind Clearing, not the path itself.



This document can be downloaded as a pdf for distribution by clicking here:- (75 kb)




Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Thailand, 17th March 2019


All books, hand books, courses and DVDs are available here:




The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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