Newsletter 25th July  2021

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This Newsletter has two Topics:

A progress report
German government wants to ban science

A further progress report about my lungs etc.

This entire week, I have been living in the house of a highly skilled healer. She has asked me not to reveal her identity as she is, at present, not taking any clients other than those already well known to her.

My heart is greatly improved and both left and right ventricles are beginning to work normally. My lung capacity has more than trebled and we are making great progress in getting the excess fluids out of the plural cavity.

Nonetheless, attempts to carry out my normal work, almost immediately overburden my system and cause coughing fits. It looks, therefore, to be still some time before I will be able to work normally.

I will keep you posted.


German Government orders complete Abandonment of Science

Wednesday, 21st July 2021: The German RKI (Robert Koch Institute) (equivalent to British SAGE or American CDC) declared several countries in Europe to be "high risk areas" due to the "Delta Variant" and the government then began imposing travel restriction to and from those lands. Amongst these is what is commonly called Holland but, more correctly, should be called The Netherlands as Holland is just one region of The Netherlands.

Before we go deeper into this, we should note that the state of Brandenburg (immediately South of the German capital, Berlin) has been conducting hearings on the "pandemic" at the insistence of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland); the only German political party which was not involved in the planning and preparation for the Plandemic. The nearest British equivalent to these hearings would be similar to a Royal Commission and the American would be Congressional Hearings. The national government is, actually, obligated to carry out such hearings but has consistently failed to do so.

During the hearings, Dr. Wieler, the Director of the RKI was interrogated regarding the source of the sickness and death figures given out by the RKI during the course of the "pandemic". He replied that he is unaware of their origin and that they were simply handed to him with instructions to publish them in the name of the RKI!  (only available in German)

Now we come to the hard, scientifically proven and indisputable facts that the German national government wants everyone to ignore:

1) The prevailing wind in Northern Europe is West to East. All farmers know this and everyone else should remember it from their school days. This means that whatever is in the air at nine in the morning in Rotterdam is in the Ruhrpott (Germany's main industrial centre) by lunchtime and in the capital (Berlin) before dinner. All 'flu "viruses" (to which Covid-19 would belong if it existed) are communicated via air currents.
National borders exist exclusively in the minds of men and are uniformly ignored by wind, weather, tide and all other creatures of this world.

2) Before a "variant" or "mutation" can be identified, the original "virus" must be found; otherwise there is nothing with which "variants" etc. can be compared. This necessary first step has, to date, never happened. The sole "evidence" for the existence of a "Covid-19 causing virus" are two computer diagrams. One was created by "Professor" Drosten at the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin and the other by the CDC in the USA. Both received substantial payments from Bill Gates shortly before these diagrams were produced.
Although German pandemic law states that something called Sars-Cov-2 IS the virus which causes Covid-19, this does not make it true. (You have probably noticed that politicians and truth do not co-exist on terms of friendship.) It is, in fact, very much like one American state which passed a law making π (pye) equal to 3.2, thus throwing most engineering and architectural calculations out of the window.

Sars-Cov-2, however, is nothing like a virus but is, in fact, a much, much smaller micro-protein discovered in 2004 and especially re-named for the plandemic. This micro-protein has, to date, been discovered in the genomes of more than 100 types of bacteria, mink, lions, sheep, goats and even a papaya fruit. It is also present in seventy four positions in the human genome. In short, it is a natural part of your body, not only completely harmless to you but essential for your well-being!

Epigenetics (see the book "The Biology of Belief" and the DVD "Intelligent Cells" from Professor Bruce Lipton PhD for a layman's introduction to the science) teaches us that your cells are constantly modifying copies of your DNA in the attempt to better cope with changes in your environment. This is the sole source of the "variants" - completely natural and completely harmless attempts by your body to improve your ability to cope with changes within and around you.

This next is not (yet) a proven fact but evidence is accumulating rapidly despite serious attempts by many governments to suppress it.
It appears to be that those who develop the "Delta Variant" have all allowed themselves to be "vaccinated". Epigenetically viewed, it seems highly likely that the "Delta Variant" is an attempt by your body to help neutralise the effects of those lethal brews being pushed as "vaccines".

3) Many countries have claimed tens (some, hundreds) of thousands of deaths caused by Covid-19. The question which MUST be posed here is, "Where are the bodies?"
Not only do we have direct evidence of governments lying about this; Portugal as a prime example, but looking into the official death rate statistics, we see nothing unusual! In most countries, the death rate for 2020 was somewhere between place six and place eleven on the death rate "leader board" for this century. 2021 is showing no significant variation to this.
When we, then, look into the burial and cremation figures we see, once again, that there have been no unusual death numbers.

So we must ask, once again, if the official death rate is not unusual and no large numbers of additional burials or cremations have taken place,

You can be absolutely certain that the German governments as with most others, will not even try to answer these questions.

For background information of the 'flu,"infectious diseases" and "vaccines" see:-

Blessed be
Karma Singh
25th July 2021


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