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The Science of Giving - Part 1 of 2

This is something not only very little understood but also something into which a small group of self-appointed “elite” have invested enormous amounts of time and energy to distort. It is due to their efforts that we, at present, make very little use of this most powerful tool.


Giving, true giving, is based upon the natural abundance which is one of the basic, irrefutable attributes of this universe. Were it to be widely used, then the bankers would no longer be able to steal from you because it would be totally clear to everyone that they have nothing to offer you - they don’t anyway but you, maybe, don’t yet really know it.


We have been taught to use the word “giving” in a manner having nothing to do with its meaning. “I’ll give you this if you’ll give me that” is a deal, a contract, an exchange. It has nothing whatsoever to do with giving.


Although St. Francis from Assisi has commented on this as follows, what he taught was immediately “modified” to enable the bankers’ friend - the papacy - to continue stealing from the people. He has recently reiterated:-


“My lesson in that which some call poverty is not, as some have claimed, that poverty is in some way holy.
Such would be completely untrue as it would seek to teach that suffering is God’s will.


Abundance is freedom from possessions – the experience of absolute trust in the Will of God. Only so can you see and accept the abundance which God gives to us all.


Give up all your possessions – they are nothing other than your belief that God will betray you. Give all to all: This is the gift that God has given to you that you also may give.
Only through giving can you know and teach peace and only in absolute peace will you know that you already have everything.


My lesson is not poverty but a wealth vastly greater than your timid ego can imagine.


All hail to you the Sons and daughters of God”



Your belief that your physical survival depends upon your completing some contract which will “enable” you to complete contracts with others to “buy” food and a place to sleep is that which keeps you imprisoned in this trap. Just so long as you keep believing this, you will keep rejecting the natural abundance which constantly seeks to give to you what you think you need to earn.


There is an obvious corollary to this, i.e. the concept of borrowing/lending. This habit, extensively exploited by the bankers, is also based upon the well-trained belief in lack - something which the natural, universal abundance totally excludes.

So you think that you need something and your training tells you that you have to get money to “buy” it.

What are your options - within this indoctrination, I mean? Well, you could try stealing it (a strange type of activity which can only arise out of a belief in lack). On the other hand, the only successful thieves are those who have their cover story so well prepared that almost no-one suspects that the theft has taken place. The outstanding examples of this are the priesthoods and the bankers - see my newsletters from 6th and 16th March 2016 in the newsletter archive for more detail on this.


The thing that you have been most assiduously manipulated into believing is that you can borrow money from a banker and all will be well. As we have seen on the 6th March, bankers never actually lend any money - they sell you a debt from your present self to your future self and take an enormous commission (from 200% upwards) for doing so. Did you know and practice giving, i.e. live in the truth of abundance instead of believing their lack lies then you would simply laugh at the bankers’ attempts to con you with their fairy tales.


Take careful note, please: Belief and truth do not, necessarily, have anything in common. You can believe anything that you choose but, for a thing to be true, it must accord with reality. So, you may believe that a banker can lend you money but, if you study their published accounts, you will instantly see that the amounts of money which they claim to have lent do not and never have existed.

You have been trained to believe that lack, scarcity, is normal but everywhere that you look to find lack, you will see that it has been artificially created by the hand of mankind at the behest of the stealing “elite”.


Millions of people live in daily hunger. Each day many die of starvation. Yet, in order to protect the profits of the cartels, more food than the starving could eat is thrown away each day. Did you know that there is even a United Nations resolution penalising countries who give food to hungry peoples? Did you know that the United Nations was founded (and is still run) by a consortium of American bankers, cartel owners (mostly the same people) and German Nazi “aristocrats”?


As we move ever deeper into the Age of Community which has replaced the Age of Materialism, we will find that the old ways of lies and exploitation no longer function simply because daily ever more people become awake to the reality that these are based upon untruths about the world. We need to practice and to master new ways which accord with the natural state of abundance. One of these is giving. In part 2, we shall see how this works.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
21st May 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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