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The Science of Giving - Part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this pair of articles, we saw how indoctrinated, false belief systems have created a world in which most people live in insufficiency and dissatisfaction and how these belief systems were deliberately taught in order to con us into giving our natural wealth to a tiny, greedy elite.

In this part, we begin to learn how to use the natural abundance which is all around us to replace their exploitation system.


In the exploitation system of the previous age, the belief in lack created a “normal” situation in which the prime occupation of almost everyone was mere physical survival. As we now move ever deeper into the Age of Community our “normalcy” must be based upon reality, i.e. abundance. A little later on we will look at some of the inescapable effects of doing this. First, however, we must begin to practice using some of the tools which are expressions of abundance. Today we will begin with giving.


In part one, we looked at what giving is not, i.e. the way in which the word has been misappropriated in order to give the impression that the meaning is synonymous with trading, a definition which furthers beliefs in lack because it pre-supposes that you have to do or to pay something in order to survive. None of this is true!


If we now turn our attention to Quantum Physics and, especially, to Quantum Field Theory we see the following truth plainly stated in modern, scientific terms:


Whatsoever enters your life can only remain there just so long as it is useful to you. Once this time has passed, it must be released to go somewhere else. This, naturally, clears a space in your personal energy fields for the next, useful thing to come to you.


You are, of course, aware of this but, generally, in a very imprecise way. You know, for example, that there is nothing in your life nor has there ever been in anyone’s life, anything that is there from start to finish of that life. Things come and go - this is the natural order and one of the many expressions of abundance which constantly affect your life.

Some things are brought to you to pass on to someone else; woe be unto you if you don’t deliver them!

Holding on to anything which is no longer useful to you or was never intended for you has one absolutely disastrous effect upon your life:

It prevents that which you next need to smooth your life path reaching you!!!


Anything which is not yours is a hindrance and a burden to you. The lack indoctrination tells you the lie that you must hold onto it because you might need it. The truth is that it merely prevents that which you do need from reaching you.


This is also true of money! If you have more money than you need and try to hang on to it then the universe will attempt to serve you by appointing someone to take the excess away from you. Whether this is an institution like the Inland Revenue or some other thief depends upon the circumstances. Giving the excess to the person(s) in your circle who need it IN THANKFULLNESS FOR THEIR RELIEVING YOU OF THE BURDEN will, with a little practice, so purify your money energy that whatever you need will almost instantly flow to you.
You may well notice this most immediately with money but the same abundance principle applies with everything:-


Over the past three years, I have bought two new cars. Each time, I had a choice, do I try to sell the old car or do I do something else.
As many will have experienced, selling a second hand car can be a long drawn-out affair and, even when sold, you can have seemingly endless problems satisfying the new owner.

Each time, I had a friend who needed a car but did not have the cash to buy one. I gave the cars away and, to be honest, felt very relieved that I did not have the hassle of trying to sell them or parking them somewhere until a buyer could be found. Giving made my life much simpler and easier.


Now we come to the nitty gritty; true giving requires a particular mental stance. It is very easy to slip into the habit of making a deal or a contract out of it - this you must avoid at all costs.
There cannot be even the slightest trace of an expectation, hope or whatever else you may wish to call it that you will get something else in return, even from another source. Your giving must be in thankfulness for the release from the burden of carrying something that you do not need.

This is then your confirmation and acceptance of abundance!


Once you accept abundance, it will manifest itself ever more strongly in your life. You will never be in debt, you will always have enough and you will always be free to do whatever you wish and never be disturbed by those whose task it is to take away things that you don’t need.


Is it now the time for you to take the first steps upon this road?

Remember, it’s just about getting rid of things that you don’t need so that the things that you DO need can reach you!


Blessed be


Karma Singh
24th May 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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