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This newsletter has two topics:


The effects of serendipity in your life


The 20 hour working week




Serendipity in your life


One of my very, very favourite words in the english language is „Serendipity“: The making of a discovery of enormous importance whilst strenuously attempting to do something completely different.


Serendipity has already played a major role in many people’s lives. It is due to her, for example, that a german engineer by the name of Joachim M. Wagner, whilst successfully making a car engine run much more efficiently, invented one of the most important healing and self-development tools which have ever existed.


Recently, the successful conclusion of a years’ long search to find the true cause of snoring and how to prevent it revealed itself to be a solution to a great many other issues as these also have the self-same cause!

Common and often chronic conditions such as lack, debt, unhappiness, depression, loneliness and a great many more things besides will just evaporate over a few weeks.


Because of the way in which this works, the likelihood of a heart attack is also significantly reduced. (The video explains how - see further below for the link).


It will also stop snoring. The indications are that sleep apnoea may well also disappear.


The structure of the transmissions and the complexity of their effects have brought me to change their name. The original name “Why Men Snore” will be changed to the much more appropriate “The Goddess Transmissions”.
The websites for the original name are already built and are online. The websites for the new name are work-in-progress. For the time being, therefore, you can only access the transmissions via the snoring website here.

The transmissions themselves are one and the same - just the website name will change.


I think it appropriate to make clear at this point what, exactly, the Goddess Energy is.

Because we have been for so long indoctrinated with the church’s picture of the divinity as a remote, judgemental old man, a Goddess concept would tend to go in the same direction.

The church’s picture was manufactured in order to creates a perceptual distancing of mankind from divinity, a gap into which a priesthood could inveigle itself as a sort of “superior human” which gave itself the position of “divine messenger” between God and humanity.

This political power structure (the Papacy) was, first, taken over by the “aristocratic families” and, following them, by the politicians. In our modern world with money as the world religion, the bankers have completely taken over the role of the priest class.

It should, however, be totally clear to you that this is an artificial construction having nothing whatsoever to do with reality.


Goddess is not a sort of “Archangel Superior” who needs a priest class to deliver her orders to humanity. She is the all-present natural order of abundance.

Any sort of controlling or dictatorial priesthood exists solely to stand between you and the natural abundance which belongs to you so that they can steal it from you.


Note carefully that abundance in no way restricts itself to material things! She is the nurturing, the caring, the satisfaction and that which rest, calmness and, ultimately, serenity fosters. She is everything other that a dominating power and it is for this reason that the Catholic Church ran the centuries long pogroms against the Wikka or Wise Women (Wikkt means wise and knowledgeable, not evil!) and had them burned as witches - the people could not be permitted any way out of the papal dictatorship.

The Goddess Energy is the balsam which heals all the wounds of your soul, i.e. YOU, yourself!



These are some of the results of the use of the Goddess Transmission which test persons have already reported.


I have become taller because my upper spine is now straight
I can breathe better
I feel myself to be much more grounded
My income has jumped upwards and my living expenses have been “magically” reduced - I have done nothing to bring this about
I can cry again at last - my head and my abdomen are clearer and stronger


I am agog at what further reports will bring.


And what about the 20 hour working week that I promised you in my last newsletter?

This is a natural effect of a society structure based upon abundance for all instead of exploitation.

Michael Tellinger has written a good book upon this which you can get here. My own book is still in translation from the original German.
There is a fully functional model of an abundance based society at present living and working. You can read all about it here.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
17th April 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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