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Disease and Immunity
Part 2 - Epidemics and Pandemics

I think that the most reasonable place to start here is to pose the question, "Why do these never happen?"

We are told time and time again that everyone is in danger of becoming ill in an epidemic but the facts just don't back this up. The official definition of an epidemic varies from region to region but they are most commonly in alignment with this:-
When one per cent of the people in a given area become sick then the medical officer of health is permitted to call an epidemic.
When four per cent of those people become ill then he/she MUST call an epidemic.
The very obvious problem here is that 96% to 99% of the population are unaffected.


We'll deal with that question in a minute but, before that, we must take cognisance of the present real situation. In Germany, for example, 83 million people are being subjected to extreme "pandemic" restriction where there is a claimed 0.035% "infection" rate! Not only are there very grave doubts that even this extremely low "infection" rate is genuine, there is also, so far, no hard evidence that the claimed disease - Covid-19 - even exists!

To begin to take this puzzle apart and to re-assemble it correctly, we must separate the fact from the assumptions and the assumptions from the fiction.

Groups of people go through the same "sickness" process at the same time or in close proximity thereto. We can accept this as a fact; there is no contention that it does not happen.

1. There is some agency which creates this sickness.
2. This "agency" is a parasitic organism which is passed from one "sick" person to the next.
3. Anyone in close physical proximity to a "sick" person can become "infected" with that sickness.

A. It has been "proved" that "viruses" and bacteria are the "agency of sickness".
B. No other factors need to be taken into consideration.

As we saw in part 1, the origin of the "infectious disease" fairy tale is the notorious "germ theory" espoused by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. It has been certain for many decades that the theory is incorrect, a "discovery" further confirmed by Pasteur's admissions in his memoirs which were finally made available to the public in 1995. Nonetheless, initially for financial reasons, the propaganda machine of the pharmaceutical cartel has been in high gear ever since. As "vaccination" is extremely profitable, possibly the greatest profit area of the cartel, they do everything possible to preserve the fantasy upon which billions in profits every year rest.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen how the same nonsense has been used as a tool to create an absolute dictatorship. It is correct to speak of one dictatorship; all others, such as Merkel, Macron, Biden etc. are merely pawns controlled by the bankers. Now, some will try to dismiss this as a "conspiracy theory", mostly because they don't know what the term means!

A conspiracy - literally "to breathe together" is a plan of action; that's all that it means.

A company with shareholder is, by definition, a conspiracy.

The police use conspiracy theories every day to solve crimes. They collect evidence from the crime scene and, from this, they compile a theory as to what happened. This gives them a direction for further investigation which reveals more facts. As new facts come in, the theory is modified. This process is repeated until the perpetrators have been identified and located and then they go and talk to them.

We use the same process here. We note that a small number of "well-placed" scientists, politicians and bureaucrats push the Covid-19 propaganda with all their might but the overwhelming majority of other scientists state that it is nonsense, i.e. there is no evidence that it even exists let alone is dangerous. So we look to find common denominators between those pushing the Covid-19 myth and we find that almost all of them have received substantial payments from the eugenicist, Bill Gates. That looks like pretty hard evidence of a conspiracy to me, doesn't it to you? When we add in the fact that Mr. Gates is a regular visitor with Mrs. Merkel and other national leaders and a close acquaintance of Tony Fauci; that he has just been give $3.5 billion (yes, that's a "b" not an "m") of American taxpayers' money to "further his activities helping to cope with the Covid-19 crisis" and we begin to see just how wide this web of conspiracy is.

Why does little of this appear in the main stream press?


You don't have to do much research to discover that around 95% of the press is either directly owned or controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel; this includes the BBC which has received more than £50 million from Bill Gates. The more evidence that comes to the surface, the clearer it becomes that this is not a conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact.

So, if sickness is not transferred by the agency of some microbe, how does it get passed from one person to another?

Resonance is the answer. Just like yawning, which is a signal that danger is past and work is over and we can now relax is "infectious", so, very often, are cleaning / healing processes such as colds and 'flu. When someone in your personal group is discharging cooling material (called a cold or influenza) then, if your body needs the same cleaning, you are likely to (unconsciously) decide to use the same process. Note well, other people with whom you have no personal contact do not go into resonance with you and, hence, do not go through the clearing process. This is why so very few people are affected by an "epidemic". Two pre-conditions are needed and, if one or both are missing, then nothing happens:-
1. Your body must need that particular cleaning process.
2. You must be in personal resonance with someone going through that process.
I go into this and much more in great detail in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." which you can get here -  

Now we begin to see most clearly why so few are affected in an epidemic and why there has been no pandemic since the high point of the bubonic plague in 1665. When we look at point B under the fiction heading above and look at what was happening in the late 16th up to the mid 17th centuries, we see something most remarkable.

The expansion of the middle classes in the later 16th century combined with the general growth in wealth engendered a massive change in the diet. Eating meat had long been a prerogative of the aristocracy. Increasing wealth made such possible for the majority. Quoting Shakespeare at the turn of the centuries, "Only the very poorest people have to eat vegetables." A great many people ate nothing but meat which, of course, made them very sick and, in this time, the general life expectancy fell quite considerably. One of the effects of this self-poisoning was to engender the emergency detoxification method which we call bubonic plague. The great catastrophes of 1666 and 1667 brought about a change to a much more balanced diet and the plague just disappeared.

The above should make clear to all that that which we have been taught to believe in - epidemics - never actually happen and only those who need them participate in the processes. The corollary is clear: If you have no stored toxins then your body will not need any "sickness". Dr. Häcker has provided us all with a means to gently remove stored toxins and remain fully healthy. You can get yours here:-  (N.B. not available in the USA)

In addition, there is also the Harmony Technology which, among other things, increases the carrying capacity of your blood enormously, whereby toxins will be flushed out. This often leads to the gradual disappearance of so-called "incurable" diseases such as arthritis.

General information can be found here:

More on arthritis etc. can be found here:


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Blessed be
Karma Singh
28th March 2021


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