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Did something go wrong?


Sickness and Immunity - Part 1





Did something go wrong?

Saturday 13th March, a planned beta test for the new veezee webinar facility was made. Nobody was there!
Please let me know of any difficulties you had getting into the online webinar room. This will help us greatly in tracking down the source of the problem.

Please use this email

A few days later, I tried a one to one session but, although we both got into the online room, neither could hear or see the other. The problem appears to have resolved itself now although nobody is clear about how it happened.

I will schedule more "open evening" events over the next couple of weeks. 







Disease and Immunity
Part 1 - what is Disease?

Disease has been with us throughout recorded history and, with absolute certainty, long before that as well. Going back many millennia, mankind has developed many tools to help cope with disease. Prominent amongst these are herbal medicine, which has been developed by all groups of people throughout the planet, various mechanical therapies, surgery and spiritual or energy healing. All of these are highly effective when used properly and appropriately and are based upon the premise that disease occurs when something has brought the body and / or mind out of natural balance; restoring that balance ends the disease.
This has been an empirical observation, i.e. "it works so we'll keep using it". Developments in Quantum Biophysics since the 1990's are beginning to show why they work.

Hippocrates himself taught that the principle cause of unbalance lies in the diet. "Whatever the father of your illness may be, the mother is your diet" is a declaration by which he ruled his actions. Further development along the lines of his teachings would have, by now, eliminated most diseases. Unfortunately, power politics and greed got in the way.

In the Western world, the first great obstacle was the Catholic Church. This turned the original teachings dealing with communal living (nowadays practiced almost exclusively by the Kibbutzim in Israel) into a political organisation which led to the papal empire which ruled Europe for over one thousand years. Natural healing went against Catholic dogma (dogma: a required belief which it is a crime to question) and was strongly disapproved of. Nonetheless, it was to the natural healers - also called "wise women" or wikka women" - that the people turned to for help when they were sick. It was then that power politics took over. The Papal Bull of 1484 which changed the status of the natural healers from tolerated to criminal "devil worshippers" and turned the word "Wikka" (meaning wise, knowledgeable, learned) into "wicked" meaning evil, saw the end of natural healing in Europe. To replace the wise women, the "doctors of medicine" (the forerunners of the pharmaceutical industry) were preached from the pulpit to be the only healers approved by God.
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From that time onwards, many new diseases appeared (bubonic plague, smallpox, diphtheria, and others) and some others (cholera, typhus, etc.) which had been around but at a low level became major health problems. The problem was and is that medicine only deals with sickness, i.e. the effects, also called symptoms, and does not either look for or attempt to deal with the cause(s). The Catholic Church did not, of course, cause these diseases but it did both facilitate their spread and hinder efforts to neutralise them.

The problem is that, with the removal of the Wise Women, there was no-one with the necessary breadth of knowledge to work out what was causing these diseases and how to tackle them. This resulted in them becoming major killers, terminating tens of thousands of lives each and every year. As populations rose, so did the death toll from the collection of new and resurgent diseases.

In short, it was the suppression of knowledge combined with the power politics of the Catholic Church (and their successors, the bankers) and the greed of their protégés, the doctors of medicine (later the pharmaceutical cartel) which led to disease running out of control.

From 1850 onwards, one Louis Pasteur of France together with Robert Koch of Germany invented and "preached" the "germ theory". As this appeared to fulfil the widespread desire to find the cause of the diseases which were plaguing humanity it found rapid and almost unquestioned acceptance.

Even though the evidence showing that it is untrue rapidly mounted during the late 19th century, it was not truth that prevailed but those who shouted the loudest. With their political and financial connections, Pasteur and Koch were able to "keep the lid on things" and to persuade both the general public and those who should have known better but didn't "do their homework" that their fanciful story is an accurate representation of reality.

Pasteur recanted on his death bed and, in his memoirs which were locked up in a safe until the last of his children died in 1995, admitted that he had falsified the results of his experiments to support the erroneous claim of "germs" causing disease. Even Pasteur's professor at the University of Paris, Pierre Béchamp, told him categorically that the hypothesis is nonsense and that something much more elegant actually happens. Koch's colleagues also demonstrated to him that the postulate just doesn't work.
Koch who, like his father before him, was awarded both a doctorate and a professorship without ever completing his studies never recanted; a "style of achievement" followed by several of Mrs. Merkel's protégés including one "Professor" Drosten for whom a doctorate "dissertation" had to be rapidly invented when it became public knowledge that none could be found.  

Although I have covered this in great detail in my book, "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.", it is worthwhile taking a quick look at what actually did bring about the great improvements to public health from the mid-19th century onwards and why, from the 1960's onwards, this has been in decline.

Despite massive opposition from the medical fraternity, major cities across Europe and N. America conquered cholera and typhus by building sewage and fresh water systems.

The death toll from measles was eliminated by the farmers increasing production and the engineers and navvies building roads and railways which enabled the rapid delivery of fresh produce in large quantities into the cities. The last measles death in the UK occurred some ten years before the pharmaceutical cartel began pushing their "vaccine".

Smallpox was eliminated by sanitation some 30 years before the WHO claimed to have conquered it with their "vaccines".

Polio, which even the Romans knew of as a rare disease, exploded into prominence in the early 20th century with the advent of domestic insecticides. It was finally eliminated by banning the use of DDT and other highly toxic pesticides. Nowadays, the disease is to found almost exclusively in those few countries which still permit the use of DDT and those, such as the Philippines and India, where the "generosity" of the eugenicist Bill Gates has created mass-vaccination programmes resulting in the deaths and maiming of thousands of children. Dr. Salk, from the team which developed the polio "vaccine" has stated before the US Congress that all polio cases since the banning of DDT have been caused by the "vaccine".

Now we come to the 21st century diseases. These are things which were previously present in tiny numbers but have exploded over the last few decades. A case in point is "nut allergies" - something I'd never heard of in the 20th century but which has now become such a major health issue that most restaurants display warnings where their foods contain nuts.
Now, nuts have been a staple of the human diet for millions of years; how come they're suddenly so toxic? The answer is that they are not! Were they toxic, everyone would succumb to them.

What has happened is a combination of two things:-
1. The massively increased consumption of processed instead of natural foodstuffs has so weakened the digestive system that it over-reacts to certain substances.
2. The use of artificial fertilisers and toxic pesticides tend to be concentrated by the plant or tree in the seeds (nuts are seeds). When these are eaten, you get a massive dose of toxic chemicals. This is one of the reasons why people who eat only freshly prepared organically grown foodstuffs are so much healthier.

None of the above, of course, explains why some people get sick and (usually) the majority don't. Even in a so-called epidemic, at least 96% of people in the "infected" area are unaffected.
(Just to note, in parenthesis, the last "pandemic", according to the definition issued by the American Centers for Disease Control, took place in the year 1665: Not a typing error - that is two sixes!.)

Could it be that our perception is in error?

We have been trained to believe that sickness happens as the result of a random parasitic attack from outside of ourselves. One of the very many problems with this hypothesis is that most people have all known so-called disease germs in their body in a dormant state. This means that they don't come from outside but are triggered into activity by some internal and not external process.

Thus is further evidence of the invalidity of the "infectious disease" postulate laid bare.

Not only did Pierre Béchamp believe that this is the reality of things but a fellow Frenchman, Gaston Naessens, using a completely new principle in microscopy called the Somatoscope, was able to prove that damage to human cells, from whatever cause, triggered the appropriate microbes into activity to either disassemble or to repair the damaged cells(s).

The thing that we have to bear in mind with all this is that not only is the infectious disease hypothesis lacking definite proof but also the very existence of "viruses" has become highly questioned. Steadily, as new technologies become available, what proof is garnered indicates most strongly that the "infectious disease hypothesis" is not true and that the particles which have been labelled "virus" are, in fact, something completely different involved in inter cellular communications.
We will deal with this in more detail in part 3.

The most useful thing that we can look at now is the question, "What are my chances of falling ill and how can I best avoid illness and / or rapidly recover?"
To answer this we must re-define sickness to conform to observed facts rather then dubious hypotheses. In this undertaking we have a number of sources to draw on:-

The ancient Wikka teachings themselves (which we also find in almost all other cultures around the world).

The work of that great German pioneer, Samuel Hahnemann who, single handedly, founded the science of homoeopathy.

Professor Pierre Béchamp who tried to show his pupil, Louis Pasteur, what really happens.

Gaston Naessens who invented the technology which proved Béchamp right.

Epigenetics which forces a complete re-evaluation of medical teachings.

Quantum Biophysics which both supports all of these and lays the foundation for the healing sciences for this and the next centuries.

Most interestingly, they all say the same thing: "That which we have been taught to call "illness" is, in fact, your body's / mind's attempt to restore the natural balance by removing toxins."

So, are sicknesses natural detoxification processes?
Mostly, yes but some are normal developmental process. Measles is a case in point here: It is the "upgrading" of your liver function from baby to adult modus. This is why it naturally takes place at around 4 - 5 years of age when the liver is finally completely developed. Parents will have noted how measles brings an enormous jump in emotional maturity as well as ending that "androgynous" state, i.e. the child finally gets its own face. Measles is only a problem when it is combined with chronic under-nutrition.
As I have covered all of this in great detail in "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P."  there is no need to go further into it here.

Now, let us introduce some empirical observations.
There are certain groups of people who tend to be much healthier than others: People who practice:-

Hatha Yoga (often simply but incorrectly called yoga)

Chi Quong



Chinese five element nutrition

and similar

What do these all have in common? They are all life-styles which either contain far fewer toxins than "standard" diets or dramatically improve your body's ability to deal with and to rapidly eject toxins or both. Note most carefully here; if your body is under-nourished (a chronic problem in the First world - YES it is!) then your natural detoxification systems will also be both under-nourished and over-burdened. This leads to the gradual accumulation of stored toxins within your body and increased fat layers in which they are isolated from the rest of your body or large amounts of additional water to dilute the toxins below the danger level.

There are many "sicknesses" which are, viewed properly, your body's attempts to neutralise and to eject stored toxins and to, thus, preserve life. If the toxins are removed by some other means then the sickness will not be needed and does not happen. At this juncture, you should begin to grasp why so few people are affected by any "epidemic"; if the related toxins aren't there then your body has no use for the tools to remove them. Gaston Naessens has also shown that each type of poisoning has its own particular detoxification tool. Quantum Biophysics confirms this.

In extreme cases, very many have the ability to create fungi-like organs within their bodies to process and neutralise many toxins. This we call "cancer". As I have already written a complete book on this, called "Cancer? So what?" there is no need to go into further details here.

A body both physically and mentally in balance is, of course, much better able to deal with toxins and, so, has a much lower need for any "sickness".

Switching to a macrobiotic diet or learning hatha yoga, although extremely valuable in themselves, takes both time and effort.

At this time, very many have a perceived need for something that will work much faster. Here, there are two things that I can recommend:-

To rapidly remove stored toxins and gain all of the benefits which naturally accrue from doing so, a product called "Actio" which has been developed by the German toxicologist, Dr. Uwe Häcker.
This and companion products with their full descriptions are available exclusively on this website:-

To bring your physical and mental systems back into natural balance, the Harmony Technology. These are things that you simply wear and, over time, they bring greater and greater balance and clarity. On Saturday, 20th March 2021, the annual Great Easter Egg Hunt promotion began by which you can earn discounts on almost all products.
All are available directly from the manufacturer here online:
This article can be downloaded as a .pdf to distribute per email or to print out by clicking on this link

Blessed be
Karma Singh
23rd March 2021


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