Newsletter 9th Sept. 2021

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This Newsletter has four Topics:

Spikes and Needles

The "green" Climate

Rethinking money

Habeas Corpus


Spikes and needles

On the 1st July, I gave a short presentation about the dangers of the spike proteins etc., and what anyone can do to neutralise them. This followed on from the german language version on the previous day. Unfortunately, although many were present for the German talk, when it came to the English, a friend from Canada was the only one to turn up. Although the Online session was recorded, as we spent most of the time talking about personal matters, that video will not be published. Instead, I will re-schedule the talk for later this month and, assuming many more people will be present, will publish the recording of that.
Now a quick note about my present situation is needful.
Right now, I'm in a nursing home and will be here for a further 7 days. 
I need to backtrack a little to explain how I got here.
Acting upon information (which later turned out to be false) friends drove me some 185 miles to a "clinic" which appeared to specialise in lung / heart problems using Russian techniques which are often way in advance of ours because they are not hampered and suppressed by the pharmaceutical cartel. Shortly after my arrival, however, I was taken to the local regional hospital as an emergency admission. 
In the hospital, after just 2 days, they diagnosed pulmonary fibrosis and some sort of problem with the right side of my heart. 
As medicos are trained to believe that pulmonary fibrosis is one of the "incurable" diseases and that a damaged heart cannot repair itself, they then ceased all treatment and just left me there to stew. 
It took a further 5 days to get out of there and into somewhere where I would receive much better care.
The existence of an "incurable disease" would contradict the divine order. 
Pulmonary fibrosis is, most commonly, caused by irritants entering the lungs - glass fibre, rock wool threads, asbestos and similar to which the lungs react by building hard tissue around the fibres to stop them cutting the very delicate lung tissues. Long-term, this has the effect of blocking most of the bronchioles and, suddenly, you can't breathe. It may well be that there is a version which is purely emotional in origin but very little research is being done. 
It is, of course, not incurable - there is no such thing as an "incurable disease": All that the label actually means is that there's not sufficient potential profit for the pharmaceutical companies to bother with it. All that they offer is a "medication" which temporarily suppresses the symptoms and may extend life for up to 5 years. This non-solution costs €3000.00 / $3540.00 / £2600.00 each month. 
It definitely pays to look elsewhere.
The first thing that I did was to start working with a shaman to release all ancient trauma from my lungs and, boy, did we find a lot. The second session is scheduled for this Friday. 
A non-medical therapist who has recently joined our group followed up some information she received some time ago and discovered that there is an effective treatment which costs €23.00. Whether this is daily, weekly or what I don't yet know but we've ordered some. 
Interestingly, I remember reading of this many years ago as one of those "magical" medicines from the Amazon jungle although it has also been known in India and Australia for at least hundreds of years. 
Chirada has been assiduously growing special herbs and is now drying and packing them and will bring them to us on the 16th. 
Finally (at present) my own Clearing Transmissions are proving extremely useful in detoxifying lungs anf heart and giving me more time to breathe.
So, that's the current state of play - I do have a lot to do before I can leave this planet. 





The "Green" Climate

There have been, for many years now, a number of groups of real scientists, i.e. someone who follows and uses the scientific method of enquiry, who are successfully debunking the concept of human caused global warming. They do this by presenting the scientific facts and letting the facts speak for themselves. 
The groups promoting warmer weather as a man-made disaster use precisely the opposite technique; they suppress the facts and, instead, use politically and financially driven "consensus" as replacement for evidence and for the historical record. 
It is interesting to note that the first group has a high level of training and / or expertise (sometimes self-taught) in climate science whereas the second group does not. Even the United Nation's IPCC was unable to find a climate scientist to lead the IPCC and had to face down the embarrassment of appointing a railway engineer to take on the job. (He was later arrested in India for sexually abusing a young boy.) The bulk of the IPCC "experts" are not climate scientists at all but journalists, students, bureaucrats, political appointees and other forms of padding to make up the numbers. 
Just last week (2nd Sept. 2021), one such group, Principia Scientific, has published more facts in the climate discussion which you can read here:
World temperatures regularly go up and down like yo-yo's in a number of fairly regular cycles. These cycles determine sun spot activity as well as minor variations in our planet's orbit around our sun. 
We know what a "warm" period looks like from Roman and Medieval records - times of great prosperity and cultural flowering as warmer temperatures engendered massive increases in the production of foodstuffs. Both the Roman and the Medieval flowerings were terminated by dramatic temperature falls causing food shortages. The beginning of The Little Ice Age around the year 1300 lead to mass-deaths by starvation in 1315 - 17 and the chronic mineral deficiencies which engendered the Black Death (Ebola) in 1347 - 51. 
General world health has improved dramatically over the last 100 years and especially since the 1960's as ever larger quantities and varieties of foodstuffs have become available and transport infrastructure systems were built to deliver them. 
The question which no-one seems to be asking here is just why we are told to view prosperity and cultural flowering as a very bad thing rather than to enjoy it. We note that it is, world-wide, the "green" parties which are especially vehement in promoting the lie and we must, perforce, ask why they are so rabid in all attempts to abuse the natural warming cycles to restrict technological advance, destabilise electrical energy production and prevent mineral-resource rich Africa from enjoying their next natural flowering and the end of poverty.
The natural intelligence, integrity and honesty of groups such as Principia Scientific has led them naturally to look very closely at the "pandemic" and to discover that, just as with anthropomorphic global warming, it doesn't actually exist! It is pure propaganda with no substance to back it up. The reasons for both are to be found in the next paragraph.
Looking at what finances and controls the "greens" and their violent "SS" troops (ANTIFA), Fridays for the Future et. al., we see everywhere the tentacles of the banking cartel - the destructive force which rose to power during The Little Ice Age and which certainly will lose power in the period of great natural prosperity which has recently (ca. 1870) begun. 
The "Greens", being little more than a propaganda arm of the banking cartel exclusively aimed at creating a new feudal system of slavery to the Great God "Money", is something that all of us need to reject absolutely. Their constant attempts in California and Germany to legalise child sexual abuse shows clearly what sort of depraved people these are: They should not be accepted as members of the human family. 
Coming soon: Who didn't know about the Covid-19 plan in advance, why and what to do with this information.





Rethinking Money

Rethinking Money
Events to date and those which are soon to come, force those with the will to survive to re-think our relationships with many things and, especially, with money.  
Before the bankers began to get involved in manipulating the economy some 500+ years ago, Europe had had a stable currency for some hundreds of years - the penny! 
It is the bankers' phantom or fake money which destroyed its balance resulting in the more than eight thousand percent inflation - a rate which is still steadily rising. 
During these centuries, we have been steadily indoctrinated into the belief that money is something which comes from the bankers and, actually, belongs to them. It is, of course, nothing of the sort!
Money has, of itself, no value whatsoever! It is a symbolic representation of existing value, i.e. the value lies elsewhere and NOT in the money. The Deutsche Mark, for example, represented the industrial strength of the German nation. This is why its value steadily rose and why the bankers and their stooges (Merkel have put and are putting so much effort into destroying the foundations of German wealth. The Euro, on the other hand, represents nothing more than the promises of a banker - it is not even legally money in Germany but a copyrighted piece of art loaned by the bankers and which the bankers can, at any moment, recall. 
What does this mean for you and me?
It means that whatever "money" we use is a symbolic representation of our personal industry and is completely independent of any institution which may claim to have extra "rights" over the fruits of our industry. The money you use IS and always has been an agreement between you and your fellow man / woman. At present, the majority is agreeing to use Euros, Dollars, Pounds, whatever for daily transfers of value but there is no law or anything at all similar which compels you to do this. You can use anything you and your neighbours agree upon or even nothing at all!
As a child, I knew many things which, at the time, seemed impossible:-
1) I should write a book which would be a standard school book. It is called "The Quantum Mechanics of Thought". It is now less than twenty years since I learned what Quantum Mechanics is! At present, only about half of the book has been written, parts of which have already been published. 
2) A society completely without money is easy to attain. The advantages are enormous but, until about 12 years ago, I didn't know how everything could work.
3) War and other forms of strife are a major business for which humanity, as a whole, has no use whatsoever. It is easy to stop this. 
4) The production of foodstuffs is something which has been artificially suppressed for hundreds of years. Although the trend towards "normalisation" of world temperatures is helping to offset this, as warmer temperatures have always done, the bankers, through their stooges (especially the "green" parties at present), are fighting tooth and nail to maintain starvation levels for millions and to create new poverty levels elsewhere. 
5) And much more.
The one thing that keeps all of the world's ills rolling is the use of the bankers' "money". Stop using it and you render them powerless. 
I do hope that you now grasp how important it is to you to change your relationship to money in order to attain and to maintain your personal sovereignty and independence.
More to this in later articles. 



Habeas Corpus

Although many already know that I have been advocating Habeas Corpus since August 2020 as a quick, cheap and effective way of ending the pseudo-pandemic, I have been doing this under the misapprehension that many countries have no equivalent Law. 
More recent information which has reached me indicates that this may not be true! There are  equivalents but they have different names!
Nonetheless, I've created a provisional draft showing what such an application could look like. You can download a copy in both English and German here. The translation may not be perfect but, I trust, understandable. 
To apply it in any country outside of Great Britain, the names of the respondents must be changed to conform to your local laws and the applicant must be a citizen of that country. 
The beauty with Habeas Corpus is that the burden of proof lies with the respondent and not with the applicant. i.e. the government must prove everything to legally continue the punishment but the applicant has to prove nothing.
All that is then needed is a good lawyer who can pull the whole thing together. 



Blessed be
Karma Singh
9th September 2021


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