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"Spike Protein" Shedding

Although I wrote on this some weeks ago when the news first broke, it still seems a little strange to report on something that seems to come straight out of a science fiction novel.

In the meantime many, many more cases of "infection" have been reported, i.e. those who had, wisely, refused the pseudo-"vaccine" displaying symptoms after coming into contact with those who had succumbed to the propaganda and the pressure. Not only this but Pfizer and Moderna, two of the world's largest manufacturers, have admitted that they expected this to happen!  

The question which I asked in my previous article, "Have they manufactured the World's first truly infectious Disease" now seems to merit the clear answer, YES!

So what do they intend should now happen? The Eugenicists, prominent amongst whom is one Bill Gates, would like to see the world's human population reduced by some billions for no better reason than to let him and his close friend Tony Fauci enjoy playing God whilst watching millions of people die. Rumour has it that Tony Fauci can only "satisfy" his wife after watching someone die horribly. The bankers who own them have their own plans, called "Agenda 2030". Gates has personally promised the Merkel that the population of Germany will be reduced by 20 millions. But will it work?

They are most unlikely to achieve their planned death numbers, despite the initial large number of dead because, just as with other attempts at "germ warfare", they have based their plans upon false assumptions. It is their belief in the long disproven Pasteur / Koch postulate of infection that has led them to lay non-functional plans. Additionally, the "one size fits all" philosophy of the pharmaceutical cartel has led them into further error.

As I explain in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.", the "transmission" of a sickness from one person to another depends not upon a theoretical (but non-existent) biological structure common to all people but upon informational resonance. Just as with the radio in your car, if it's not tuned in to the transmitting station then nothing happens. More here:-  

The "one size fits all" philosophy states that a specific medication will have the same effect upon all people and this despite the glaringly obvious fact that this is not true. Even in the so-called efficacy tests, a new medication will get a licence with only fifteen per cent of test subjects showing the promised improvement. As most, if not all of this improvement is certainly due to the placebo effect (the belief that the medicine will make you better brings about the improvement); the medicine itself is, at best, useless.

As the pseudo-vaccines are not, so far, producing anywhere near the hoped for numbers of deaths, presently struggling to cross the 100,000 threshhold, the recommended dosage has been changed from 2 injection to an injection every 3 - 6 months indefinitely.

One of Germany's leading toxicologists, whom I regularly consult, has, following claims that there is a "delayed reaction" built into the pseudo-vaccines which causes death 3 - 6 months following injection, recently spent some considerable time in the laboratory. His researches there have led him to confirm that this threat is real. The prime effect of these "vaccines" is to totally disrupt your immune system.
The problem is, however, not biochemical but informational. This is why the much touted CBD / MMS / pine needle tips /etc. have, despite promises, little to no effect. Even Actio cannot break down or remove these toxins although, once they have been neutralised, it will be very effective in helping remove the remaining detritus as well as other, more normal, toxins which reduce the effectiveness of your natural immunity. (

Once your natural immunity has been "switched off", every little seasonal malady, such as a cold or the 'flu, can become a raging fever which will destroy your body.

The good news is that we don't have to re-invent your natural immunity but "merely" to remove that which is preventing it working. There appear to be three effective tools to achieve this. It may well be best to use all three as each works in a different way.

Firstly, however, we need to understand what the pseudo-vaccines actually do.

An orgonite zapper is reputed to be able to "disassemble" most toxins although it is, presently, unclear how. As it functions on the informational / causational levels, it could very well be an effective tool not just against the pseudo-vaccines themselves but also in preventing "infection" from the spike proteins being constantly given off by the "vaccinated". I have ordered one of these and will let you know the results of my tests.

The Harmony Technology has long been known to boost the effectiveness of your immune system (amongst all other systems). It does this by gently removing the chaos which causes malfunction.
In our present circumstances, a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant worn 24/7 could be most useful:
The pseudo-vaccines cause death by introducing a form of self-replicating chaos which causes your own immune system to attack your body.
Basically, the natural immunity becomes so "confused" that it can no longer differentiate between invading parasites and the healthy cells of your own body and attacks all at random. Anything that reduces this chaos will severely restrict the deadly effectiveness of the "vaccines" and can only be a good thing. More details here:-

The Clearing Transmissions were specifically developed to remove the informational structures which cause toxins to self-replicate.
There are a growing number of reports that the pseudo-vaccines also contain heavy metal nano particles which lodge into your brain and nervous system. Although this is the cause of the brain fog and orientation problems that many report following the second dose, their true purpose is to make you susceptible to the emotional control frequencies which 5G is designed to generate, i.e. you, yourself, become just another tool in the "internet of things", just as in the movie "The Matrix".
This is why the expansion of 5G was rushed through under cover of the pseudo-pandemic, despite widespread and scientifically well-grounded safety concerns. The Clearing Transmissions will cause the disintegration of these nano-particles leading to a return to normal brain function (and, in some cases, considerable improvements thereto as other toxins which have lodged themselves into your brain over the years are also eliminated). Further details here:-  

As more information to this theme becomes available, I will first check and them publish it.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
15th June 2021


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