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This newsletter has five topics:


"Mutti" Merkel


Postbank and the Clintons


Temporary Expedient


The Structure of Wealth (main article)


The end of an experiment




1) On the 24th September the german general election took place and I have been doing my best to help oust “Mutti” Merkel - an undertaking in which we have already almost succeeded and may very well still do so as steadily more reports of election fraud roll in. The Federal Constitutional Court has already ruled that the election was illegal and is just now waiting for the first formal charge to be laid so that they can take action. 




2) Last year, unknown to us, Postbank sold their credit card business to an American corporation with direct ties to the Clinton Foundation and the Chief Witch herself. For some time, the new owners behaved normally until they suddenly, at the beginning of the Summer, just simply refused to give us our money and, instead, put it into their own pockets and refused to answer any questions about it. So, at this time, we cannot accept payments by credit or debit cards until we find a new card processor. In case you’re interested, the company is called “Evo Payments”. Charges have been laid with the bank regulatory authority. Criminal charges may follow. 




3) For those residing outside of the UK, a close friend has made her Paypal account available to us. To purchase anything from the shop here, select “Payment by Transfer” and details of the Paypal account will be sent to you by email. As soon as your payment is received there, despatch will take place.




It has been many a long week since I have written an english language newsletter and we have things that we need to catch up on.


First this:


The true Structure of Wealth

During the last few thousand years, this knowledge has only been available to a “chosen few”.


It is not that this knowledge has been deliberately hidden or made secret but rather that, through a learned habit of thought, it was simply, for the majority of people, imperceptible.

It is this habit of thought which made the just completed “Age of Materialism” possible. It is now needful to dissolve this so that we can all live in abundance in our new Age of Community.


In order to experience the Age of Materialism, both rich and poor were needed so that both of the poles of greed and poverty would be plainly visible to all. In the “end game” of this, those who had chosen the role of the materially rich are trying to achieve the absolute form of materialism: To become owners not only of the entire planet but also slave masters of the rest of humanity.
All that is needful is for everyone else to play this game in the way in which the “elite” want you to and experience absolute slavery or……….


Now, the end game cannot be won by fighting to conquer those who have chosen the role of the elite. No! This would be to extend the Age of Materialism which needed a constant to and fro between the rich and the poor. On this road, no change is possible; the door to abundance cannot be opened in this way.


Let us here take a look at the structure of the Age of Materialism itself. What can this teach us about the way out and the way into the Age of Community? How, exactly, did materialism function?


Abundance is the nature and basic order of this universe and our world. This is a fact of life which you can see only after you have removed the mental restrictions which made the Age of Materialism possible. This is surprisingly easy to do; basically you need only to see the structure of the Age of Materialism clearly at last. As soon as you see how it functioned, you are no longer caught up in it and begin, automatically, to free yourself from the slavery it brought.


I am not going to repeat the entire history of its origin; I have already done this in some detail as you can read in the archive. Here, I will just go over the basic structure which lead to it.


Abundance flows from the source of creation directly to each living being in this universe. There is no “central delivery”, no “distribution point” or anything similar. Abundance flows directly from the Creator to each recipient. We “recipients” then have to decide what we want to do with it.


At the beginning of the Age of Materialism, we let ourselves be persuaded that there are, in fact, distribution centres for abundance; the major religions all have this as their foundation stone.

This is the deciding point: They and their successors, the aristocrats and the bankers cannot place themselves between the Creator and you and me because the Creator does not permit this. What they have achieved, over several thousands of years, in order to steal our natural riches, is to persuade us to give them our natural wealth!

Abundance does NOT flow from the Creator to them and they, then, distribute it. It flows directly to each one of us and we (unconsciously) make a present of it to them. Then we “need” their bits of paper and metal (money) in order to purchase back from them the riches which we have given to them.
Feeling a little dizzy? Good, for this is a sign that something is changing in your head.


Again: Abundance (including riches) flows directly to each of us. We make a present of it to the bankers and then work hard to “earn” their “money” in order to buy back the abundance which we gave to them for nothing.


A third time so that it really sinks in: We, that is each of us, is a distribution point for the universal abundance which is given to each of us unconditionally. Our voluntary decision to give our abundance to the “elite” and to then feel obligated to them is the sole cause of our creeping enslavement.


Do you want to keep doing it?


You are continuing to read and I, therefore, presume that your answer is no.


Your way out is basically that you simply cease to give your abundance to the self-appointed elite.
How will you do this? In order to see this we must first observe what weapons they have been using to force their exploitation of us and work out how to neutralise them.


They have just two weapons and not one more.
These are:


a) Your belief that you need their “money” in order to survive.


b) Your belief that they are so all-powerful that you have no chance against them.


So you see, both of “their” weapons lie totally in your hands!

Additionally, both of these beliefs are untrue.


With regard to point a):
Money is a symbolic representation of existing value, i.e. first value is created and then money can be brought into existence riding upon the value present.

Some centuries ago, the bankers discovered that they could get away with issuing money without value. This has even been enshrined into law permitting bankers to “lend” ten times as much money as they actually possess. Because the law is very lax, permitting loans of non-existent money to be counted as though they were money, the amount which the bankers have “loaned” is several hundreds of thousands times the amount of real money actually in existence. The two most successful con tricks in this are the US$ and the Euro. Under a law from 1913 which may or may not be legal, a central, privately owned bank called the Federal Reserve Bank “lends” the American people their own money and charges them rental on that money.
The Euro is an even bigger scam: The European peoples were persuaded to give up their own real money and let it be replaced with a fiat currency backed by absolutely nothing. The Euro has no value whatsoever and, at law, is not even money! Some, so I have heard, have printed their own “Euros” and, when prosecuted for counterfeiting pointed out the legal status of the Euro and all charges were dropped.

With regard to point b), there is this:
In the year 1381, there was a folk-uprising in England. The whole of the people had just had enough. Afterwards, it became clear that the uprising had been in preparation for some time and was, to some extent, organised. Somewhere between 2% and 3% of the English people actively took part in the uprising and the others silently let it happen or, as did hundreds of soldiers and other guards, opened the prison and fortress gates instead of defending them.

Fourteen days later, they had conquered the entire land and London, all fortresses and the entire government apparatus were in their hands. It had taken 14 days because almost all of them had travelled on foot.


Such an uprising in any modern country would be over in 48 hours. At least 80% of the police would join in - many have freely state this; some even in writing!


The self-proclaimed “elite” are staring this probability daily in the face. That’s why they are doing so much to intimidate everyone. Just how long we folk will remain intimidated is a question requiring YOUR answer!


Why did the uprising of 1381 fail in the end?

Two reasons:


1) They had no clear plans on what the new government should look like nor who would form an interim government nor yet what this interim government would be empowered to do.


2) They trusted the word of King Richard II that he would help them to completely dismantle the feudal system. Instead of this, he lead them into a trap and had hundreds of them killed.
In theory, the monarch is the last defender of the folk against the government. In practise, however, the monarch gained his power not from the folk but from the aristocrats. It was wishful thinking that defeated them.


So, an uprising on its own is not adequate to make necessary changes. It must also be totally clear what is going to happen afterwards and those who are going to organise and manage the changeover must be in place within hours. Further, no matter what is promised, the word of senior bureaucrats, including senior police officers, is never to be trusted.

“By their fruits shall ye know them”. I.e. those who act in support of the people may well be true friends. Those who promise improvements but do nothing are definitely not to be trusted.
This is how to avoid the mistakes of 1381.


Additionally, the time was not yet ripe as the lesson of materialism still had 634 years to run.

Now, however………


So, back to our theme - the structure of wealth.


A few years ago, Rhonda Byrne published first the film and then the book “The Secret” in which she showed that everyone has the innate ability to attain riches and wealth and that they need merely to be set free. What she did not say was exactly how this is to be achieved. Her task, however, was to firmly anchor in human consciousness the knowledge that it is possible. Only after this had “simmered” for a while did it make sense to go the next step and tell people exactly how to do it.


In 2010 I published the first, slim edition of the book now called “The Key to Luck” (originally entitled “The Biology of Prayer”). Several reprints and three editions later, the book now contains much more than twice as much information as the first edition had. You can get the present edition here:

The book is the step by step guide to setting these natural abilities free and focussing them upon that which you truly want.




The End of an Experiment

Back in July this year, I made a practical exercise in abundance available to all.

This was to make the DVD “The Clearing Transmissions” available without pre-payment.

After the transmissions had been used for some weeks, each user should decide for him/her-self how much the DVD is worth to them and then pay this amount either directly to me or to the production team. 


Regrettably, this appears to have been much too soon for most people and only a very small minority of the hundreds who took the DVD on these conditions have actually made any payment at all. I have, therefore, had to terminate the experiment and make the DVD available with normal pre-payment whereas my wish was for a success which would have enabled me to extend this “Trust Marketing” to all other products.

The DVD is available here:


If you already have the DVD and have not yet made any payment, please go to this page:


Blessed be


Karma Singh
2nd November 2017



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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