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How to create a War

The first question which has to be addressed when considering this is, “why do you want a war?” To answer this question we have to look at a little recent history.


Mankind is in a process of awakening. This is evidenced by the daily growing numbers of people who question whether the “status quo” is the very best way that we can think of to look after our planet and its peoples. We, i.e. humanity as a whole, want to disempower the self-appointed “elite” who have ruled our world for the past three centuries, and decide things for ourselves. They, the “elite” wish to maintain their privileged positions.


Being rooted in materialism and the accumulation of wealth, the “elite” believe that the problem is that too much wealth has moved into the hands of the people as a whole. This, they believe, is the source of the growing rejection of their rule. They, themselves, are not capable of higher mental abilities or anything other than selfish thought. Because of this, they believe that, if most material wealth were to be destroyed, a return to a feudal type of society would follow with themselves as undisputed rulers.


It is for this reason that they have been trying, for some years, to instigate a Third World War. So far, we have managed to stop them.


Putin’s rise to power and expulsion of the bankers from Russia was a major blow to their plans.

Hilary Clinton was under contract to begin a war with Russia in March 2017. Trump’s election stopped that. Merkel was under orders to attack Russia (probably via Ukraine) in November 2017. Her fall from grace with the German people stopped that. Theresa May is a non-entity who was given the job of Prime Minister of Britain - a job way beyond her abilities - as a reward for many years’ service to the bankers. Macon “won” the French presidential election but one wonders just how many of the votes for Penn were “re-allocated” to Macon: Penn being another of those wishing to end the dictatorship of the bankers.


The “evil genius” instigating many of the public events aimed a destabilising western society is one George Soros. (He is also, incidentally, the motive power behind AVAAZ which is why that organisation has never achieved anything meaningful for humanity). The mass-immigrations into Europe with the principle aim of destroying Germany is a Soros managed, banker financed, operation.

Via their CIA controllers, Soros has direct influence with Islamic State.


Three times, so far, major international incidents have been manufactured in Syria with claims of the Assad government using poison gas on people in territories controlled by Islamic State.


Twice, it has turned out that these poison gas attacks were carried out by units of Islamic State with the intent of bringing about western attacks upon Assad troops. There is no reason to suppose that the present incident is any different. Even logistically, it makes no sense: Assad’s troops had conquered the town and were just eradicating the last points of resistance. Are you going to drop poison gas in an area where your own soldiers are active? Why now, when the town is already conquered? Those making the claim, the “White Helmets” are an arm of Islamic State. Why should anyone believe them? It is, further, most unlikely that the Assad military possesses any poison gas weapons. Their Russian helpers have made this a condition of their assistance.

It is not difficult to find factories producing chlorine. This is used for a very wide variety of industrial and domestic purposes. The principle active ingredient in household bleach and many disinfectants is chlorine! That acrid smell in your local swimming pool is the chlorine disinfectant in the water. In many countries, even the tap water (Am: city water) has chlorine in it. There is probably a factory producing chlorine within 80 miles (130 kilometres) of your home. So, not a difficult target to find.


The problems with using chlorine gas militarily are manifold:
It is heavier than air and will quickly fall to the lowest point in the area so, if your target is on high ground, it is to all intents and purposes, useless as a weapon.
It needs to be in an enclosed space such as a deep valley or trench (where it was used effectively in the First World War) before a concentration can be reached which would disable anyone.
Chlorine gas has, as you know, a very pungent smell. With the first whiff, you would leave the area.

So, to use it as an effective weapon, you have to get it onto an enclosed area and make sure that all the doors and windows are sealed so that no-one can get out. You can only do this if you control the building. The attack could, therefore, only have been carried out by Islamic State’s White Helmets.


Now, the Soros/banker controlled main stream media, instead of exposing the White Helmets’ lie, acted as the propaganda arm of the terror organisation, Islamic State. This, of course, is not unknown to Trump and Putin.


Trump’s problem is that a very large proportion of the American people still believe the banker controlled press and demand that Assad be “taught a lesson”. In consultation with Putin, Trump worked out a plan of action; a very limited attack upon a research institute in Damascus and two chlorine factories around Homs. In the event, according to sources in Syria, there was slight damage in Damascus and none in Homs. This may well have been the orders give to the military personnel involved. There have been no injuries reported.


What both Trump and Putin want to achieve is the complete disempowerment of the bankers. In some way, this event is being guided in that direction. I don’t, yet, see quite how but both Trump and Putin possess intelligence well into the genius range and, as I have often said, I would love to meet Putin but I would never play chess with him.


Update 17th April 2018:-
Recently released videos show the White Helmets training children to mimic the effects of chlorine gas poisoning and, then, receiving applause and a Micky Mouse reward for a “good performance.” at present only in German but I will try to re-work it in English tomorrow.


So, it seems that the poison gas attack never actually took place at all.

More heads will now roll at the CIA (which may have been Trump’s intent all along.)


Blessed be


Karma Singh
18th April 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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