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This Newsletter has four Topics:

Three quarters there
Cancer? So what?
The time of the False Prophets
The taming Power of the Small  (main article)

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Cancer? So what?

For the printed edition of the new book I chose a (new to me) highly praised printer in Stuttgart.

According to the contract, the book should be delivered in 2 days’ time.


The experience has shown, however, that chaos and incompetence rule the roost there and I had to make the decision yesterday to cancel the contracts.


In the morning, I will contact a different printer recommended by a publisher friend and will let you know the delivery date as soon as I have it.


The book (both the e-book and printed editions) can be seen here:-





Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing

As it states in the Bible: There will be many false prophets at this time.
I am glad to be able to advise you just how easy it is to expose them.


Each of us (you as well!) has four eyes:-

1. The mundane physical eyes with which we make our projections upon the veil of Maya (also called “The Matrix”)

2. The third eye through which we send our energy projections into the field behind the Matrix.

3. Our Heart Eye through which we see reality.


With 1. we paint pretty pictures of how the world “should be”.
With 2. we create our fears and other depressive emotions.
3. we almost never open because no-one has ever told us that it’s there.


The old slave masters want to keep us in ignorance otherwise they will lose their power over us. For this purpose, they also make projections onto the Matrix.

One of these is called “The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna”. The “pretty picture” which this projects is that all of our wishes have been fulfilled and we do not need to do anything ourselves to become free.


Well, not quite.


The Heart Eye doesn’t project, it accepts that which is, in reality, there. It is not active but accepting. Looking through it is the feeling of being the uninvolved, impartial observer. The Eye is located in the middle of your heart, i.e. in the exact centre of your rib cage.
Just as with any other ability, practising using the Heart Eye makes perfect.

Now, when we look with our heart eye at the two men who have leading roles in “The Kingdom of Manna” we don’t see two highly evolved beings, as would be expected, but something rather more like two failed “used car salesmen”. They are visibly only there for the money. This is already proven because, when you send in a question, a processing fee (in Europe) of just over $100 is demanded. Just guess into whose pockets that’s going to land. (You may also wish to pose yourself the question, “If, as they claim, they have confiscated all the banks and have all of the world’s money in their hands, why do the need $100 from you?)


The voice of the woman who plays the role of Big Boss is that of Kim Goguen. It is a little more difficult to recognise who she really is until you are more practised with your Heart Eye so I will give you a little help: She has been highly trained by the CIA.


Now you know everything that you need to know about the “Kingdom of Manna”.





The taming Power of the Small

Readers already familiar with the Chinese oracle book, the “I Ching” may recognise this hexagram.


The I Ching also means, in ancient Chinese, the cauldron (the “Ting”). Those whom the cauldron wishes to especially honour often receive the line “The Ting has handles of jade”.


Interestingly, at the beginning of MacBeth, the witches are gathered around a cauldron to make their prophecies about what follows in the play. Whilst there are indications that Shakespeare may have attended one of the ancient mystery schools, I find it difficult to credit that he either had access to an English translation or became so proficient in ancient Mandarin as to read the I Ching in the original.


The oldest generally accepted translation is the Wilhelm translation from 1923. This is the one that I myself have.

The question which, therefore, arises is, “What cultural connection is there between medieval techniques of prophecy and those of ancient China?”


When we look back at the events of 3195 BC (or 4020, or 2200 BC or somewhere in between, dependent upon which historian you prefer) in which an asteroid or comet ploughed into what is now Austria causing millions of tons of rubble and dust to be thrown high into the air and dumped onto Mesopotamia, we see a possible connection. The diaspora which this caused led some to go East, possibly as far as China along the Silk Road which, at that time, was already ancient. Some went West and formed the basis of our present cultures. The possibility, therefore, exists that either the Mesopotamians learned it from the Chinese via commence on the Silk Road or taught it to them after the diaspora.


Although not one of the methods of divination specifically forbidden in the Bible, the Catholic priesthood expanded this ban to include all forms of divination. This is why we, presently, don’t know much about this art. 


The I Ching is much more than an oracle; it is a philosophy suggesting rules which a “wise man” would adopt. One of the things taught by the Ting is The taming Power of the Small.


The “Wise Man” is cautioned never to underestimate the power which those under his authority wield: It cautions him to remember that his position is dependent upon their agreement. Should he, by injudicious action cause them to turn against him then, sooner or later, all of his power will be gone and he will return to the streets as a pauper.


Most of those presently holding power have chosen to ignore this advice and, instead of caring for those under them, have chosen to exploit them. Instead of winning us over by nurturing, they have chosen to believe that they can control us with violence and threats of violence. For a while, this works. And then:


Gradually more and more wake up to the fact that they are being controlled, exploited and dehumanised.


All is not yet lost, those in power could choose to stabilise matters by caring for those under them. Instead they have chosen to poison us in the hope that we would be so busy looking after those which they have made ill that we never notice what actually has happened. They have erred. Daily more are noticing where these poisons are coming from and just how flimsy the excuses are for imposing them upon us.**


There is no more dangerous animal upon this Earth than a mother defending her child. When she discovers that all of the German political parties (the CDU, CSU, SPD, FDP and Greens) except the AfD have sold her child to the pharmaceutical conglomerate for the purpose of medical experimentation then the power of the small will come to tame those who have been exalted. (The Democrats in the USA as well as the Canadian government and British politicians should also take careful note of this lesson.)


We, acting together, are the taming power of the small. It is upon our backs that those presently holding power have exalted themselves. When we get out from under and walk way they will fall.


Some may remember in 2009 when the then French government sold the French people to the pharmaceutical companies and made a law imposing mass-vaccination against a disease that did not exist. The French people as one said, “Non”! Do the German / American / Canadian / British people have the same courage, I wonder? They used to have. Where is it now?



** After three decades of steadily mounting “required” vaccinations, the standard of health amongst American children has, proportionally, fallen; fallen so far that now more than half of all American children are chronically ill. This is what they have in store for us. The thin end of the wedge is compulsory vaccination against a problem (measles deaths) which ceased to exist in 1958. Statistics make it quite clear that this will directly cause deaths and many new illnesses to which their answer is ever more of their so called “vaccines.”

See "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." for much more on this.


Herr Spahn, a man whose whole livelihood is gleaned from the vaccine manufacturers has, despite obvious conflicts of interest been given the position of “Health” minister (a subject in which he has neither knowledge nor experience) in Germany. His choice has been to organise a massive cash boost for his clients at the cost of the German people. This is corruption at the highest level but demands for a criminal investigation will need large numbers of we small to tame this exploitation and jail the guilty.



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Blessed be


Karma Singh,


18th August 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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