Newsletter 7th March 2021

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This Newsletter has two Topics:

The little Covid test
A karmic evening

Your Covid Check List

During the course of the last 12 months, we have been privileged to learn a tremendous amount about something called “Covid-19”. Much of that which has been “taught” is, of course, fake news propagandised by the main stream press.
How far back the planning goes is still somewhat unclear – possibly to 2009 when the “Swine ‘Flu fake pandemic collapsed or even earlier. Hard facts are seen in 2019 when, in May, the government of Bavaria created a Covid-19 emergency fund. A few months later, Merkel, illegally, interfered in the election of the Prime Minster of Thüringen, had the elected incumbent deposed and replaced with her own “Gauleiter” who, of course, is party to the Covid plot.

Over recent months, two major members of the main stream press, The Daily Mail (Britain’s no. 1 newspaper) and Germany’s Bild Zeitung have broken ranks and begun to tell the truth. There may be others, in other lands, of which I am unaware because I don’t speak the languages.

The whole of the independent press has, almost from day one, expressed suspicion that yet another “super deadly” disease is coming from China. All such previous “pandemics”, you may well recall, have proved to be “damp squibs”.

Huge numbers of leading experts in virology, epidemiology and medicine have called the “pandemic” into question because the evidence simply does not add up.

Further evidence has shown that, despite the propaganda, the rates of sickness and death in 2020, throughout the First World are at or slightly below the average for this century. In order to shore-up the propaganda, the British National Health Service has spent millions on “gagging orders”, i.e. court orders forbidding doctors and nurses telling the truth about nearly empty hospitals and lack of patients to treat. Nonetheless, many have spoken up and revealed the fraud. A similar situation obtains in many other countries.

There are many countries, totalling about ¼ of the world’s land surface, which have either never participated in the Covid fraud or which have since rescinded all Covid “measures”. None of these has experienced any increase in sickness. What they have experienced is economic boom and vastly greater happiness amongst their peoples. Many states in the USA have either, this week, rescinded all Covid restrictions or will be doing so over the next few days.

It’s high time to demand that your government follows suit or to replace it with a government which works for and not against the interests of the people.

Your personal check list which gives you an overview of the present situation follows.

You can download the check list as a .pdf to distribute by email or to print out here

The whole thing is also available in the German language here:-

Your Covid Test Questions



Has the “virus” ever been found and isolated?



Is Sars-Cov-2 a virus?



Is Sars-Cov-2 a micro-protein one thousand times smaller than a virus?



Was the Sars-Cov-2 micro-protein first discovered in 2013 and, since then, known to be harmless to humans?



Does the presence of Sars-Cov-2 imply the presence of the Covid-19 virus?



Is the  Sars-Cov-2 genome present in more than 100 types of bacteria?



Is the  Sars-Cov-2 micro-protein genome present 74 times in the human genome?



Is PCR a test?



Do all PCR manufacturers state that PCR should never be used for diagnostic purposes?



Can PCR indicate whether someone is ill or infected?



When, under Freedom of Information legislation, all First World governments are asked, Where is the Covid-19 virus?” have they not all answered that they do not have a specimen and do not know of any laboratory or other institution, world-wide, government or private, which does have a specimen?



Are the symptoms of “Covid-19” identical to those of the ‘flu or heavy cold?



Is the progress of “Covid-19” identical to that of the ‘flu or heavy cold?



Is the prognosis (likely recovery) from “Covid-19” identical to that of the ‘flu or heavy cold? (99.97%)



Is the morbidity of “Covid-19” identical to that of the ‘flu or heavy cold? (0.03%)



Does the sickness called “Covid-19” have any features differing to those of the ‘flu or heavy cold?



Is there any sound, scientific reason to believe that “Covid-19” as a separate, unique illness actually exists?



Will any face covering through which you can breathe stop a virus?



Do the manufacturer of face masks claim that they will stop viruses?



Do the manufacturer of face masks state that they will NOT stop a virus?



Have mask mandates caused thousands of severe lung problems?



Have mask mandates caused the deaths of at least hundreds if not thousands?



Does the wearing of face masks cause oxygen starvation within one minute?



Does the oxygen starvation make it difficult to think coherently?



Are dust motes in the air carried hither and yon by random air currents for many miles?



Is there any reason to believe that particles hundreds of times smaller than dust motes invariably fall to the ground within 1.5 metres (five feet)?



Are viruses found to cross the Atlantic on random air current in just over one day?



Has the virus hypothesis ever been proven?



For much more on this and other topics, click here

You can see the correct answers here
And in German here

A quiet evening with

As you read in my last newsletter, we now have our own censorship free video portal.
This is not all!

In the project is also a conference / webinar facility which I would like to test with you this week.

On Saturday evening, 13th March, at 19.30 Amsterdam time, 18.30 London, 1.30 p.m. New York, 10.30 a.m. Pacific, I will open up a room at

This will be basically a question and answer session so bring lots of questions with you. Listen in if you don’t have a personal question – many years experience has shown that, with any group of more than 20, at least two other people have the same question but didn’t feel able to express it.

A maximum of 100 people can participate so get there early to get your place.

When I move into the healthier environment, this is something I plan to do more often.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
7th March 2021


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