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The Box

At this moment in mankind’s journey through history, we all have a choice to make. In fact, we have to choose one of three possibilities. There is no way of avoiding this choice and any belief that you can avoid the choice IS the decision for the lowest level of existence and mere survival (and, quite possibly, not even that) instead of living.

Over recent years, we have all heard the expression “thinking outside the box” but how many of us know what this actually means? And is mere thinking sufficient; do we not also need to act outside “the box”? What is “the box” anyway?

The “box” is defined as the things we have been taught to believe and the way in which we’ve been trained to think about those beliefs.
Here it is important to note that a belief does not need to have anything to do with truth or reality in order to be believed.
There is a Buddhist saying, “The untrained mind thinks seven thousand thoughts per minute of which one and a half are true.” In my experience, this seems to be a pretty accurate description and the reason why most people are so dissatisfied with their lives.

Let us take a real, live example: Steven Frayne also known as “Dynamo”.

For some years, he very publicly demonstrated abilities which we’ve been taught to believe do not exist. His answer to the question “How do you do it?” is “I believe differently to most people.” Of course, he is not alone in this; even I use “impossible” abilities to do the things for which I’ve become famous. The biggest problem is that the overwhelming majority of people are still stuck in beliefs which say that it’s not possible, i.e. “I can’t do that.” The truth is, of course, that you can but you must first remove the belief that says that you can’t.
This is what is truly meant by “thinking outside the box”.

Let us now make clear what the three choices are:-

1) Stay in the box. Don’t challenge any beliefs. Don’t do any investigation, research or study of your own. Believe implicitly everything that “authority figures” tell you. i.e. don’t live, don’t be and don’t become your greater self.

2) Stretch the limits of the box. Push them out a little so that you have more room to manoeuvre. Challenge the beliefs with which you were indoctrinated a little bit but ignore the basic assumptions which are their foundation.

3) Don’t believe anything! Whatever any “expert” tells you, regard it as their idea not as objective truth and then investigate it for yourself. (This is, incidentally, one of the fastest ways to clear out all of the untruths that you’ve been taught or “required” to believe – see also “The Harmony Headphone Set” below).

Let us take a concrete example: Covid-19.

Choice number 1) is to believe everything that you’re told by the government, the controlled press and pharmaceutical industry.
This leads to your unavoidable demise either as one of the tens of thousands of “vaccine” corpses or, if you survive, a serf or slave to the bankers who have initiated and controlled the entire narrative.

Choice number 2) is to question whether the story you’re being told holds up to superficial investigation. Of course, you soon discover that it does not and that Covid-19 does not and never has actually existed. You discover that government statistics show that there has been no change in the death rate. You may even discover that most of the hospitals that you’ve been told were full and overflowing were actually empty and medical personnel were complaining of the boredom because they had no work to do.
What you won’t discover, because you still assume that infectious diseases actually exist and that money comes from banks, is that the whole fantasy was created to rob and to enslave you.

Choice number 3) is to, once again, return to your natural accord and affinity with the divine source. Here you will clearly see what is real and what is not. You will see that the way in which this world is ruled lies in direct contradiction to the divine. As it is written in “Conversations with God”, “This world is ruled by lies and liars.” When you reconnect with your divine origin, you also will see this clearly.

Those who have dedicated themselves to evil; “sold their souls to the Devil” are doing their utmost to manipulate you into making the destruction that they want to see but are incapable of doing themselves because, having given themselves up to evil, they have no power.
Just so long as you believe them (choice 1), they will steer you into destruction. It is not their own power but your belief which they use to shut businesses, destroy jobs, create unpayable “debt”, separation from each other, imprisonment, self-suffocation, desperation, suicide and ever more and ever larger lies. Finally, they use your belief to get you to take a deadly poison to “cure” an illness that does not, never has and never will exist.

Those who open their heart eye are the true inheritors of the prophetic beatitudes 6, 7 and 8 from “The Sermon on the Mount” which is, perhaps, the best known of such teachings but by no means the only one. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” is truly what happens when you open your heart eye. Lies can confuse only your intellect. They can never enter your heart. Here, only full truth is possible.

When you get there, you will see very differently because there is no my truth, no your truth, no opinion and nothing of the like. You are, for the first time, totally focussed in who you are and the absolute truth of reality: There is only one; it is beautifully complex and enthralling and it’s the only one you get – there is no other: Use it with wisdom and don’t fuck it up – not that you would want to anyway – once you’ve seen, you know what is to be done.

I have created a training course to help you get there which you can see on the brand new video portal Veezee. It will also remain on YouTube until their #TMT app (Too Much Truth) deletes it. I will not, however, update it any further on YouTube; later lessons will be on veezee where there is no censorship.
Please do not try to “preach” this. Doing so will merely create resistance. That which works is for you to do it, be it, live it and then others will ask you how you got there.
Show them by example. Be a light unto the world.

The “I AM” is the way, the truth and the light.
A very, very useful tool which you may wish to employ is the Harmony Headphone Set. This is a special application of the Harmony Technology which, literally, deletes destructive habits and beliefs because they have no resonance with divine order.
Full details are available here:-  

Blessed be
Karma Singh
3rd March 2021


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