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Does Easter have anything to do with East?

East (originally Est) is the name we give to the direction of the rising Sun.

The Sun is the source of light and warmth which brings about the growth which culminates in the harvest and the prosperity with which Mother Earth sustains us.


In the ancient Celtic traditions (and, possibly, much, much older before the diaspora which was caused by the cometary collision with Earth in about 3950 B.C.) the Goddess Ester (sometimes spelled Esther) comes to the Earth each Spring and brings fertility with her.


It is the arrival of Ester that we celebrate at the festival named for her.


Although the Christian church took over most of the old Celtic festivals and re-named them to suit their teachings, Ester has, even to this day, remained unconquered and her celebration still bears her name and is still calculated by the moon and not the sun calendar: This is why the date of Easter varies each year.


Add to this Ester’s symbols of the egg - the Celtic symbol for prosperity - and the bunny (in some cultures, such as Germany, the hare) - representing fertility and fruitfulness - and we see that parts of the original Easter rites still survive; indeed, they seem to be on the ascendant, replacing the rites which the Church has laid upon this festival of awakening.


The true nature of Ester is the awakening to new beginnings - an auspicious time for betrothals and the start of new ventures of all sorts. With this Easter a new, world-wide prosperity and fruitfulness movement to heal our trees and our land begins. This is instigated by a group in England and I have been asked to let all of my readers know about it which I gladly do.

Until then:-


The by now world famous Harmony United Great Easter Chick Hunt started just a few days ago and will run until Ester’s arrival date.
Take a look here:-


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Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe 4th April 2019


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Never forget this!



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