Why is Truth so Difficult to Cope with?


Now, before we start any recriminations or anything like that, it behoves me to point out that a very great deal of effort over a very long time has gone into creating this difficulty for everyone upon the planet; there are no exceptions.


It's not you. You're not responsible. You're just a victim of a carefully designed methodology which has been in place for many centuries, the sole purpose of which is to make it difficult for you to discern truth from falsehood.


The purpose of this article is to help you find your way out.


Doing so is, mostly, a process of observation and coherent thought. The only important thing is to notice the automatic judgements with which you have been indoctrinated by "society" from birth and to choose to ignore them. So, instead of the reflex judgements, all you need do is to think the thing you are observing through and to ask yourself the question "Does what I've been told about this actually make sense or is something being deliberately withheld from me?"


Let us take an example:


It is now a scientifically proven fact that there is a universal consciousness driving creation. Whether you want to call this God, Allah, Goddess, Mahaatma, Universal Mind or whatever, there can be no doubt that it is there. Chaos Theory, amongst other late 20th Century scientific developments, shows incontrovertibly that the existence of life on Earth is absolutely impossible without intelligent direction. To reduce emotional content, I will, from here on in, call this intelligence, "Universal Mind". Let us be quite clear on this; we are speaking of ONE, single, Universal Mind. There are no contradictions which would support a hypothesis of there being more than one.


Most (if not all) religions teach that "God created mankind in his own image" or words to that effect. Implicit here is, obviously, that the whole of mankind are co-equal creations of The Universal Mind. The self same priests then go on to tell you that, "God speaks only to me and has given me the authority to tell you how "he/she" wants you to live." So where is the evidence supporting this exception to The Universal Mind's co-creation rule? I've studied such things for more than 40 years now but have still not found any trace of evidence supporting this special status claim. This self-same priesthood then goes on to tell you that "it is God's will that you go and kill those who are not in my "church" and destroy everything that they have created.

Does this make sense? Would an omniscient, omnipotent deity make a mistake in his/her creation and then be incapable of correcting it? Would the source of All That Is be so weak as to be incapable of eliminating a microscopic perturbation in the cosmic order of everything?


Let us go a little further: Almost all the religions of the World actually teach pretty much the same thing. In the core teaching which they all claim to be their “exclusive” it is very difficult to ascertain any meaningful divergence each from the other. The only difference which one can find is in the rituals surrounding the teachings! Can you really believe that The Universal Mind requires you to wear a collar and tie or to wave incense in order to “properly” worship him? Is the mass murder of those who do it in a different style really “The Will of God”? Is this really believable?


So what IS going on?


Let us approach this question as a detective. In any murder investigation, there are three questions asked: Who had the means, the opportunity and the motivation? Simply expressed; who benefits? Well, look at it. Does The Universal Mind, the bringer of peace, cosmic order and harmony, the omniscient creator who has created us to co-create with “Him” benefit from internecine war between the practitioners of differing rituals? Is this believable? Well, then, who does benefit? Look at it. Who does and who has been benefiting from fomenting this continual war for centuries?


Now, it’s not your local or parish priest. He/she is no less misled than you. Is it his “bishop”? Well, no, bishops are made out of local priests. The “Archbishop” then? Again, no, he/she is under the same indoctrination. Well, then, let’s go right to the top; the Pope, the Orthodox Patriarchs, the Ayatollahs. What about them? Could be do you think? Well, no, it fails the logic test: These “superior” priests are elected from cardinals etc. In order for the one at the top to be the manipulator rather than one of the manipulated, all those eligible for election must be co-manipulators. All of these, as we have already seen, come exclusively from parish priests who are definitely the manipulated. So who is behind this theological farce?


Let’s now go somewhere else:


Throughout recorded history, the one method which has always bolstered up teetering authority is the existence of an external enemy. Whether this enemy is real, imaginary or deliberately created for the purpose is of no great relevancy; it has always put “the people” back in place, i.e. under authority. Most enemies have been deliberately fabricated for precisely this purpose.


It is now, for example, an accepted historical fact that it was the Nazi Party which burned down the Reichstag in order to create the communist “enemy”. It was this which finally allowed Hitler & Co. to assume unlimited power. Until the collapse of the Russian Empire in the 1990s the relevant external enemies were “Communism” and “American Imperialism”. The collapse of the Russian Empire also caused a rapid crumbling of authority in “The West” and especially in the USA and United Kingdom. A new “Enemy of the State” was called for.


You are now asked to believe that a Saudi Arabian exile living in a cave in one of the remotest parts of the World not only masterminded but, with the use of a cell ‘phone, co-ordinated the complete immobilisation of the US Air Defence System, the simultaneous hijacking of four large airliners (two of which are still flying today, incidentally) the mysterious demolition of several major buildings and the removal of the rubble to an undisclosed overseas destination before it could be properly examined. Is this believable? Further, you are asked to believe that this brilliant mastermind was completely unable to conceive of an American military response. Is this mastermind a genius or an idiot? You are asked to believe both, apparently. Further, if you dig a little deeper into military logistics you will ascertain that there is a very large discrepancy between the date of the actual invasion of Afghanistan and the earliest date on which it would have been possible had preparation begun after 9/11.


You may, of course, have noted that there are certain similarities between the burning of the Reichstag and the deliberate demolition of parts of the World Trade Center. Just to strengthen this impression a little, it may be relevant to note that the Bush family used to be Hitler’s North American bankers! Are these, then, the masterminds that we’re looking for?


Well, no. Can’t be. The mastermind we’re looking for would never take such personal risks. The evidence that the events of 9/11, the preparation and the subsequent suppression of the evidence were all co-ordinated from Dick Cheney’s office is now overwhelming and impeachment is, hopefully, only days away. Dick Cheney’s greed let him be manipulated into this position. He’s not the one we’re looking for; he doesn’t have the intelligence.


So what else are we “required” to believe instead of examining to see whether it makes sense? A very great deal, wouldn’t you say?


Is there a pattern that we might discern which could lead us to the source?


Let us pose a question or two to see whether these help us.


What is our best hope of getting out of this constant cycle of war?

Which members of society are free from indoctrination?

Who are the most disadvantaged members of society?

Who always suffers the most from war and economic turmoil?

Who are most susceptible to indoctrination?


I think that the answer to all five questions is one and the same: Our children!


Our children are in the best position to create new ways of living together but not if they have to fight for mere survival.

Almost all children are denied, for “financial” reasons, the home environment which they need for full development.

The first and most to suffer are always our children.

A child, given free reign to study the World and to freely express itself, is the greatest danger to the real manipulator. A child will trust those who are supposed to be caring for it. Here is the main focus of the manipulation to divert us away from recognising how the World really works and establishing universal peace and abundance.


Just look at what is done to our children:


“Experts” tell us to feed them substances which numb their ability to think, feel and reason. Instead of the grains, real nuts and clean vegetables which any human child needs, they are fed upon a mixture of cattle food, offal, pesticides and an occasional sprinkling of virtually dead vegetables bloated up with synthetic fertilisers.


Pharmaceutical companies tell us to pump them full of drugs to prevent them learning how to process feelings.


In order to financially survive, we are “compelled” to hand them over to professional carers so that from the earliest possible age they are hampered in their self-development by being denied the space of love which enables it.


We are, then, compelled to hand them over to professional “educators” whose job it is to programme our children to conform. Not merely this, however, the standard of “knowledge” required has been steadily reduced over the last ten years to make our children constantly less able to ask meaningful questions about our World.


We are “required” to give them daily large doses of an emotional see-saw which causes wild swings and malfunctions in the hypothalamus causing not only many physical illnesses but also a mind filled with fog through which it is almost impossible to see reality. (If you haven’t already worked this out, this is called television).


Is there any way in which “society” encourages full development of our children? If you should find one, please do let me know because I haven’t found one. In order to give our children the opportunity to reach and use their potential we have to take them outside of “normal” society.


What does this tell you?


It tells me that within each of us is knowledge which, were it to achieve full expression, would eliminate war, civil unrest, crime, poverty, ignorance, pollution and everything else that we know we have to change but, somehow, just don’t seem to be able to get going. It tells me that it is vital that we rediscover this knowledge which has been oh so carefully and thoroughly suppressed. It also tells me how!


What one, single thing does the structure of our society deny us? Just exactly what is it that enormous effort is put into to constantly deny us and divert us from? Can’t think? Try this:


Peace and quiet.




If you were to regularly practice just feeling what is in your heart, the chances are that you will re-discover the knowledge that puts you back in charge of your life. This is especially easy if you have a beloved garden created with your own hands that you can just sit in.


This is why wars are manufactured. This is why economic turmoil is created. This is why television pumps out masses of emotionally super charged junk and almost no real information. This is why we don’t clean up our air and our water and our food. We have the knowledge and wherewithal to do this almost literally overnight – and I do mean in much less than 2 years but everything possible is done to hinder this.


What does this tell you?


It tells me that that breaking out of the war and poverty indoctrination must be very easy or there would not be such an enormous effort made to divert us from it.


Having found a way out, many other ways become immediately visible.


Does this lead us to the real masterminds who have been doing this to us for so long? No! It does something much more important; it robs them of their power and makes them irrelevant.


To be continued ………………….


Karma Singh

August 2007





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