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The Turning Point

Many will remember how, a few years ago, there was a great to do concerning the "umpolung" which many expected to be a single event in December 2012. Because of the obsession with the physical world over the previous few centuries, it was generally assumed that the North and South poles would exchange places as they have done many times in the past. Although this may still happen, it is not the main theme of this present umpolung. That which many have overlooked is that the core of this umpolung is not material but "ether".

For a time in the 19th century, it became popular to define ether as some intangible energy which is necessary to hold the universe together. In the last century, it was proved that this is unnecessary and, presumably, also non-existent. The original, ancient meaning of ether is our modern word "consciousness" and it is here that the umpolung is taking place. It is not a snap event but a process which gradually speeds up leading to a separation into higher and lower consciousness.

There are now two worlds, Gaia (higher consciousness) and Earth (lower consciousness). Gradually, they are separating and, over time, each will lose the awareness of the other. At the moment it is still possible to switch from one to the other. Soon, however, this window of opportunity will close and those who have chosen Earth will experience, for a short time anyway, that prophesied in The Revelations of St. John the Divine, Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave new World".

In the books, "Conversations with God" (volumes 1 - 3 of which are the usage instructions for our planet) it is stated that "This is a world governed by lies and liars". Although we see this at the moment with great clarity as the world is pushed ever deeper into rack and ruin under the guise of a great sickness which all evidence shows does not exist, this is nothing compared to what is planned for slave humanity.

It is easier to choose the great suffering which is to come upon Earth than to rise up with Gaia. To choose suffering, you do nothing and continue to believe the pandemic and other lies.
To rise up into Gaia you must do some work to change your perceptions and expectations. You must look to creating other ways of living and work together with others to manifest them. A very good reading resource which shows what these new ways could look like is "Ubuntu Contributionism" from Michael Tellinger:  

A very powerful tool to help you manifest what you want to achieve and remove limiting expectations is "The Key to Luck"  

The most important thing that you can do, however, is to stop lying!
Lying permeates the whole of society from the top down and never causes anything other than suffering. We are caught up in this web of deceit and keep strengthening it through the belief that "It's OK for those in power to lie so it must be OK if I do it too". It isn't; your lies will always come back to haunt you. Their sole effect is that you never get what you really want just, at most, some transitory pleasure that soon turns to ashes. We even have a profession many members of which act as professional liars for others (solicitors and barristers). There is no place for such in Gaia.

You have probably heard of the Brahmin "caste" in the Hindu astrological system. These are the people designated, by the fineness of their minds, to lead society (original meaning). One of the Brahmin tenets is to always and in all circumstances tell the truth: Through 21 years of never speaking an untruth (so the Brahmin teaching), the voice gains the power to change the world. In the time of the British Raj, the British lawyers and judges found it incomprehensible that time and again the Brahmins could have easily won a case with one simple, undetectable lie. They refused to do so and lost the case. Thanks to modern "civil rights" which has pushed much coarser minds into positions of power, there has been a massive degeneration in Indian society; so much so that much ancient knowledge could be lost.

There are some, foremost amongst them most political figures, who clearly believe that they have a "divine right" to lie to their "subjects". They have even granted themselves immunity from prosecution for their fraudulent activities calling them "parliamentary privilege". We have seen, with their pseudo-pandemic to where our inaction has encouraged them to go; the question is whether we continue to do so.

Now, your answer to the next question is of the utmost importance!
Do you attempt to curtail their activities or not?

By "fighting" against them, you confirm your choice for Earth. You chain yourself into the traps that they have set for you.

You may well have read in "enlightenment teachings" that detachment is the most important part of the way. Before you can rise up into Gaia, you must let all attachments to Earth go! The time to oppose their abuse of power lies in the past; now, all that you could achieve would be to chain yourself into their mind prison.

GURU is a much misunderstood word. For the most part, it is presumed to mean "teacher". This is, however, not so; the Sanskrit word for teacher is "Rishi", a great teacher could be called  "Maharishi" (a word that you've probably heard before somewhere).
GURU means, literally, "The Way". Its usage is usually confined to mean "The Way to God". A guru (male) or gurini (female) is someone who shows the way by living GURU. The essential point here is that a guru / gurini can and will gladly show you the way to get to where you want to rise up to but cannot do it for you!

Each and everyone of us is imbued by the Divine Creator / Creatrix with a completely free and inviolable will. Just as you can never make a decision for anyone else, it is impossible for anyone else to make a decision for YOU (persuading others to agree with you is not the same thing at all!). All that a guru / gurini can do is to show you how, when and where. You are the only one who can decide whether to follow their suggestions or not.

Many have misunderstood when I have explained that a true healer is a teacher. I cannot make you well! All that I can do is to teach you how to heal yourself; it is only in this way that a permanent release from suffering is possible, i.e. YOU must do it yourself! My sole ability and responsibility is to show you how and, if you so choose, to help you to do it.

This is a theme to which I will return again and again over the next months; hoping that you will listen but honouring your right to ignore me. There is not much time left to rise up into Gaia and I have already prepared many lessons for those who choose to travel the road. Here is the first collection:-


Blessed be
Karma Singh
27th July 2021


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