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Spotlight   lPOFL

Unicorn found?

Why should you clean your intestines?



Spotlight on – The Light Pillar of Life


It is becoming apparent to steadily more people that each human being has abilities beyond the mundane.

Almost everyone realises that you can feel all around you with your heart.

The more you trust your intuition, the better everything in your life works: The “intuition” is merely the use of your abdominal brain to make very fast, correct decisions. The intuition (abdominal brain) is around 8,000 more precise and 20,000 times faster than your head – the seat of the ego!

Why is it so much faster?
Because the abdominal brain is only to about 20% part of your physical body! The other 80% exists as pure energy fields and can, therefore, tap directly into real-time events without filtering them through or editing them in your head. We have many names for this process; having a hunch, that feels (doesn’t feel) right, my gut feeling, etc.. We’ve been doing it for a very long time whilst, at the same time, decrying it to “please the priests”.

Each of our body’s organs also has functions “in the Field.” See Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for some of the science on the morpho-genetic fields.

As our sun and its planets continue on its approximately 24,000 year astronomical cycle, the energy rises and falls dependent upon the Sun’s position in its orbit. In the year 1204, we experienced the lowest point of the orbit and the energy has been rising since then. One of the effects of the rising energy is a rise in consciousness, not merely in humans but in all creatures on our planet. As the energy rises, we begin to “pull ourselves together”.

When the world energy is low, it becomes impossible to hold all of our parts together and some begin to drift away. This is why we become less effective in looking after ourselves and our home planet. As the energy rises, we not only become more aware of the need to care for our planet but begin gathering in the parts of ourselves which make this and other tasks much easier.

The Light Pillar of Life is one of these.

After re-connection, it sits 50% in your spine and 50% behind you. Its prime function is to feed you with the knowledge that you need to achieve what you seek. This is nothing like going to school: When you need to know something or to solve a problem, the knowledge and solution are instantly present inside you ready for use.

This “organ”, which has no physical part at all, has many other functions which you will learn about in the re-connection seminar.

Further details and registration here:-

Initially, I have set the seminar to begin late afternoon in England, early morning on the US West coast. Should there be sufficient registrations for the seminar, I will then reschedule into two seminars; one will start at 10.00 London time and the other at 11.00 a.m. EST on the following weekend.
So, it’s up to you; register quickly and tell all of your friends about the seminar. 




How to find anything: A Plan of Action


This easily breaks down into several stages which, if followed correctly, will inevitably lead you to that which you seek.

Whether you’re looking for something that you’ve lost or trying to find something that you have never seen, the same principles apply. These “rules” are, for the most part, just common sense but, sometimes, through impatience, we leave out a step and we don’t find what we seek.

These are the “rules”:

1. Know, exactly, what you are looking for. See, I told you they’re just common sense but read further; it’ll get interesting, I promise you. Part of this is to be certain that what you’re looking for actually exists on this plane of existence: It could be fun to look for a unicorn stud farm but I don’t rate your chances of success very highly.

2. Where was it last seen? A good place to start as thing are often still there.

3. Ask other people in the area whether they have seen it.

4. Ask people in general by, for example, placing a “lost and found” ad.

5. (Not relevant in all cases.) Look for any collateral evidence; does it have a particular smell or sound or any other specific effect? This will help you by guiding you to the source of these effects.

6. Has anyone ever found anything like it and, if so, how did they find it? Ask around.

7. If you still can’t find it, ask yourself, “Do I really need it / want it or has gone to make room for something better in my life?”

See, it’s easy; that way you’ll either find it or let it go so that its absence doesn’t bother you any more.

Now let us apply this method to something that IS bothering you at the moment: Covid-19 and are you / will you become infected and be harmed?

1. Before anyone can find the “virus”, you must know exactly what it looks like: It is inescapable that some laboratory, somewhere must have an example of the virus so that they can tell all other laboratories exactly what to look for. So, where is this laboratory and what, exactly does the “virus” look like?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist! There is no laboratory anywhere in the world which actually has a specimen of the “virus” which, it is claimed, causes Covid-19. Looking for it is just like searching for unicorns.

2. The Covid-19 causing “virus” has never been seen anywhere!!!

3. A certain Mr. Drosten (sometimes called “Professor” Drosten) in Berlin claims to have seen it but, when we ask him to show it to us, all that he has is a picture created by his computer graphics programme (Photoshop or the like). Mr. Drosten appears to have been paid by a computer magnate to create this diagram.
It is said that the “virus” can be found with a PCR laboratory test from a swab in your nose or throat. But, if you have no sample of the “virus” with which to compare it, how can you possibly know when it has been found? They’re searching for unicorns again.


A few years ago, a protein fragment was discovered in a laboratory in Canada. Nobody has been able to find out where it comes from, what it did when it was a part of something living, or where it goes. Despite this complete lack of knowledge, it has, seven years later, been declared to be proof of the presence of the Covid-19 “virus”. They’re telling you that they’ve found a unicorn!

4. Everyone else refers you to Mr. Drosten because they’ve never seen it either.

5. It is said to have a list of effects (symptoms) which show you where the “virus” is. When, however, we look at this list we see that it is nothing other than precisely the symptoms of a common cold.

6. There was, a few years ago, a similar story of a super-deadly “virus” going round. Curiously enough, a certain Anthony Fauci, who is very active in pushing the story of the Covid-19 “virus”, also made a lot of money out of pushing the other one. Even today, no laboratory in the world has ever succeeded in finding that “virus” either. It was called HIV which, allegedly, caused AIDS.
In both cases, the “virus” was “found” by imagining that it had been found and, then, shouting this out so loudly that no-one questioned whether it had actually been found.

7. Do you truly want / need Covid-19 in your life or can you do without it?

So why are our lives being totally screwed up because of an obvious fairy tale?
Why are we letting them do it?





What do you get when you clean out your intestines?

I know, even from personal experience, that this is something that no-one ever thinks about; but you should!
The benefits are both substantial and, sometimes, will even amaze you.

We all learned in school, of course, that our intestines are where foodstuffs are processed and absorbed. The residues are then ejected through your anus. This over-simplification has led to many problems both in physical and mental health!

You see, as we’ve seen above, your intestines form a integral part of your abdominal brain!
A large part of what we’ve been eating for the last few hundred years is not really food but either something to temporarily assuage hunger or things that excite your taste buds.
Your intestines have not evolved to cope with these and have, often, problems dealing with them.

If, for example, you eat a lot of cheese or other cow dairy produce, then you will have difficulty feeling as this toxic substance numbs this ability. You will also have problems with your lymph system as the lymph fluid becomes thickened and stickier – one of the building blocks for lymph cancer and many other cancers.
Refined white sugar is not a foodstuff but a purified pesticide! This is the the way in which sugar cane protects itself from aphids – it kills them! In humans it not only produces intestinal inflammation and general lethargy but also artificial feelings of helplessness.

There are many other problematical “foodstuffs” all of which are difficult for your body to get rid of because they are not part of our natural diet. The way in which your body tries to cope with these is to store them, initially in the walls of your intestines.
As these residues build up, your body moves them to “remote” storage such as your abdominal sweat glands, posterior and thickened fatty layers below your skin. Once there, they are very difficult to get rid of because your intestines are not able to re-absorb them.

Dr. Uwe Haecker, a German toxicologist, has worked out how to reverse this process, i.e. how to pull the useless material stored in your intestinal walls back into the intestinal flow where they are then ejected from your body via your anus. When the intestinal walls are cleared, this sets up a natural reverse process whereby that which had been pushed out to form belly, posterior and subcutaneous fat gets pulled back into your intestines and ejected.

A minimum of 40% of all health problems are due to the typical western diet forcing our bodies to cope with enormous amounts of toxins. This is also the foundation stone of almost all cancers, for example.
Getting rid of those stored toxins will not only make cancers much less likely and even help remove them if they’ve already started. But there are many other benefits:-

1: When there are fewer toxins in your body, it will function at a higher lever of efficiency which means that you will be both physically and mentally faster and clearer.

2: You will become more aware of what is going on around you, especially with your family.

3: This, for me, was the most astonishing thing:
When you experience any traumatic event, the living tissues of your body will process and then release the trauma. Any dead material stored in your body will, however, absorb and hold onto it! When I did my first intestinal cleanse with Dr. Haecker’s system, I found that traumas from my early childhood suddenly appeared and then evaporated as the stored toxins which had been hanging onto them were pulled out of their storage areas and ejected from my body.


4: The amount of vitamin D that your body can store to get you through the winter months is many times greater.

All of this brings enormous improvements to mental, physical and emotional health.
From what I know of how human systems interactively work, I can even give credence to stories of improvements to financial health.

Here is where you can find out all about Dr. Haecker’s products. Order options are in the right hand column.

These products a licenced for human consumption in the European Union and cannot, therefore, be shipped to the USA which does not recognise such. It may be possible to send to Canada under the EU/Canada free trade agreement but, although a test shipment has succeeded, there is no ruling from Canadian customs available as yet and so we cannot guarantee that order would actually reach you.
If you'd like to try it, please
contact me by email.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
6th September 2020

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