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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson Three

Measles - Fairy Tales and reality

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Now, it could be that you have posed yourself the question, „Why are they focussing on measles?


The probability that you have actually done so is quite small because, from your first day in front of the television, you have been indoctrinated into the belief that the practitioners of allopathic medicine (also called pharmaceutical, conventional or main-stream medicine) are the heroes who have made life on Earth possible and that they are incapable of saying anything other than the absolute truth. From your first school day, that proceeded and was intensified.


As we have already seen in part 2, vaccination is a religion based upon dogma instead of proven facts; the “big boss” speaks for God and it is a crime to question his utterances.


There is a very good reason why they have focussed their campaign to make vaccination compulsory upon measles. This good reason is that the problem does not exist! It is, therefore, an easy job to make a test case with compulsory measles vaccination and then to “prove” that the problem has disappeared because it was never there in the first place. This, of course, “justifies” compulsory medication with everything else that the pharmaceutical cartel wants to sell.


We saw a very clear example of this as part of the “little game” in the Bundestag in part 1 of this series. After a great deal had been said about measles and other, unspecified “diseases which could have been prevented by vaccination”, Gardasil was brought into the discussion. This is the medication which the pharmaceutical cartel currently has the greatest difficulty in selling. Not only the growing numbers of deaths, permanent disablement and other “side effects” which are already way in excess of 15,000, there is not the slightest shred of evidence that Gardasil could in any way prevent or alleviate cervical cancer. Once again, there is nothing other than an assertion without substance that the Papilloma virus has got something to do with cervical cancer. A second unsubstantiated assertion that Gardasil would prevent this is also made. Neither the one nor the other assertion can claim to have even a crumb of scientific support.


On the back of “resolving” a non-existent problem, the pharmaceutical cartel seeks to impose a compulsory vaccination in the certain knowledge that this will lead to the deaths and crippling of tens of thousands more young girls!


Additionally, this putative virus has nothing to do with cervical cancer in any way. The causes of this form of cancer are totally different; the largest part is a self-perception as a sexual victim or sacrifice. Add to this the consumption of cow dairy produce combined with white, wheat bread and a pinch of pesticides which are sprayed onto all non-organic fruits and vegetables and you have the basic ingredients for cervical cancer. How could a vaccine change any of these?


So, what, exactly, IS measles?
Well, just as with so many natural processes which we have been taught to believe are illnesses so that a “medicine” can be sold, measles is not a disease but a natural maturing process.


A baby is born is a very underdeveloped state: Big enough to survive but small enough to pass through the birth canal. All parents know how long it takes until the baby is no longer completely helpless. Not only the skeleton and muscles are underdeveloped but the inner organs as well. It takes around 4 ½ years for the liver to attain sufficient size for full function. Up to this point in time, the liver has only partially functioned but now it is capable of taking on all of its intended work. Measles is the process which kicks the liver out of its slumbering state and starts it working fully. For a short time, all bodily activity must be reduced and the child mostly just wants to rest.


Amongst other things, the liver is responsible for a great deal of the cleansing of your body.

In its underdeveloped state, it cannot do this fully which leads to the collection of wastes in the liver. The red points and/or rashes that sometimes appear with measles are just the discharging of these wastes.


Just as with all other organs, the liver also has a job to do with emotional processing and, especially, anger and frustration. These abilities are “switched on” in the measles maturing process. It is for this reason, as most parents will have observed that measles brings a huge jump in the emotional development of a child. The child’s body also becomes much firmer and the last of the “baby fat” just melts away. Following measles, the child also develops for the first time its own true face.


Measles is a very, very important development process and preventing it causes a chronically weak liver and a very weak personality.

Fortunately, the vaccine mostly just doesn’t work - in most of the measles “outbreaks” of the past few years, 80% to 95% of the children had already been vaccinated against it!


Problems with the measles process happen when a child has been chronically undernourished as a result of which the liver is not sufficiently developed to process and discharge the stored wastes. This, in turn, causes the wastes (which are all poisonous to the human body) to be spread around the whole body. Due to the chronic undernutrition, all of the other organs are also underdeveloped and unable take up the additional load. This can lead to organ failure and death.


Nowadays, our children are so well-nourished that the measles process does not pose any great strain on the child’s body, is often quickly completed and only recognised as the measles maturing process afterwards. A child will be a little bit groggy for 48 hours or so and then it’s over.


It is due to much better nutrition compared to that in the 19th and early 20th centuries when measles deaths were rife and not to any nonsensical medication given after the fact that the medical statistics for measles cases have fallen so much. The process has become so easy for the child’s body that most cases go unreported. Added to this, knowledgeable parents will go to a homeopath or TCM practitioner, etc.. Homeopathy, unlike pharmaceutical (allopathic, conventional) medicine, has a very good scientific foundation and is, therefore, much, much more effective at a tiny fraction of the cost.


Measles is and will remain one of the most important maturing processes of life.


Coming soon: Part 4 - "Infectious disease" vs. Science.

Karma Singh
14th January 2018


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