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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson Four

"Infectious Disease" vs. Science

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I begin here with a fact which brings the whole of the hypothesis of infectious disease and the sickness industry founded upon it into question.


An epidemic is called when a maximum of 4% (yes, four per cent!) of the people who come into contact with a so called “disease germ” actually become ill.

According to the hypothesis promulgated by conventional medicine, as soon as a certain proportion of the population become “infected” then a disease explosion is imminent. Each local health authority has the power to call an epidemic and each local health officer will decide for him/herself whether the threshold is 1%, 4% or somewhere in between.


It is theoretically possible for an epidemic to be called in London Harringay or New York Bronx where the threshold is 1% but no epidemic in London Kensington or New York Manhattan where the threshold is 4%. Although I’ve just invented these two examples to show the point, things like this have often happened.

You can, with a little research, discover for yourself that these “infection explosions” have never happened.


In the USA, a number of executives of pharmaceutical manufacturers have recently been arrested and charged with, amongst other things, bribery to call an epidemic when none exists. To what extent the same happens in other countries (other than Australia) is not known to me. As we are, however, dealing with one and the same cartel, such would in no way surprise me.


As soon as an epidemic is called, the sickness industry tells us that everyone must be artificially infected so that they will “become” immune.


But 96% were already immune!!!

The marketing departments of the pharmaceutical manufacturers pose themselves the question, “How can we obfuscate the facts so that the general populace will believe that they need us to protect them from this infectious disease?”


The scientist, on the other hand, poses the question, “What is different about this 4% of the people which causes them to become ill whilst all others remain fit?” (See part 7 of this series.)


This brings us perforce to the source of the “infectious disease” hypothesis: The two great charlatans Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.
Both of these concerned themselves with the cultivation of the wealthy and the politically powerful much more than with scientific research.

In the mid-19th century, a time plagued by rampant disease and death tolls in the rapidly growing cities, the guaranteed way to fame and fortune was to discover the cause(s) of these diseases. Wealth and prestige was much, much more important to both of them than was integrity and truth!


Pasteur’s professor at the University of Paris, Pierre Bechámp, made plain to him that his hypothesis of infectious disease is complete nonsense and contradicted even the then state of knowledge. Koch’s colleagues demonstrated to him upon their own bodies that the hypothesis is ridiculous.

In Pasteur’s own notebooks (which, in accord with the terms of his will, were kept sealed in a safe until the last of his children had died) he freely admits that much of his claimed “successes” were fraudulent and fanciful.


So much for „science“!


The work of Gaston Naessens in Canada in the last century showed us a completely different picture.

I have often asked myself whether Naessens is the same soul as Bechámp who returned to us to provide the scientific proof that infectious diseases do not exist!


The problem that Bechámp and, of course, all other scientists had was that even today the most modern of optical microscopes can magnify up to a top limit of 2,500 times. This is nowhere near enough to make the putative viruses visible. Then in 1931 came the jump to the electron microscope which can magnify 7,500 times. The big problem with an electron microscope is that it can only view dead material and this only in black and white, never in colour.


When the electron microscope showed things that had never previously been seen, it was immediately claimed that these are the presumed viruses. There is actually no evidence that this is so, just the declaration, “We can’t imagine what these could otherwise be, they must, therefore, be the viruses we postulated.” That is a  V E R Y  long way from the “scientifically proven” label that the pharmaceutical manufacturers have applied to it.

In point of fact, in December 2016 the highest court in Germany, ruled that the existence of a measles virus is not proven!


Just what did Naessens achieve and why is this not taught in all schools and medical colleges?

He developed a third type of microscopy with which one can observe living organisms at very high magnification.


What became visible is that there are no invading parasites (the medical theory) but that the human body creates these micro-proteins itself and that they have the task of disassembling damaged cells before they can damage adjacent ones. You can read much more on this topic in this free download here: 


Because Naessens’ discoveries have completely demolished the foundations of pharmaceutical medicine, the pharma cartel is fighting hand and foot to suppress the results of his work.


Naessens also expresses the opinion that the true causes of dis-ease are not illusory invading parasites but informational disturbances which perturb or skew the way in which a cell functions.


Other scientists such as Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD., Dr. Klinghofer, Karma Singh, Klaus Schubring, Dr. Hamer, and others have shown that the source of these disturbances are inappropriate diet, destructive emotions, electro smog, living accommodation and workplaces with proportions inimical to human health and similar things.


To date no trace of invading parasites has been found. Instead, the informationally damaged cells pose a task for the dissolving micro-organisms which the human body itself creates from specimens which have been present since birth. As soon as the task has been completed, the activity of these micro-organisms will be once again curtailed.


Karma Singh opines that there are just 12 causes for all the diseases known to man. These are available in the e-book “The 12 diseases” which you can download here:


And what does this all tell us?


That almost everything (at least) that we call illness is, in fact a natural development or self-healing process. Paying billions each year to prevent these healing processes is something for which no-one has any use.


As, each day, more and more people recognise this, the cartel is trying to impose compulsory medication with the help of pre-purchased politicians in order to save itself.


Coming soon: Part 5 - Nutrition 1840 and 2018

Karma Singh
18th January 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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