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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson Five

A few Notes on Nutrition 1840 and 2018

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In the half century prior to this, there was a mass movement from the countryside into the cities which lead to their enormous and rapid growth.


Agriculture, however, remained fixed in the needs of the 18th century, i.e. primarily local production for local consumption. Changing to produce foodstuffs for the rapidly growing inner cities was not in the farmer’s plans. Additionally, roads and transport vehicles were not suitable to deliver such produce; a two day journey from the rich farmlands of Sussex to London with horse and cart was neither an attractive proposition for the farmer nor, in hot weather, would either vegetables or meat arrive in good condition.


This made the prices for foodstuffs in the inner cities so high that many worker families could afford neither sufficient quantity nor good quality food. In fact, many survived on things that we would, nowadays, throw away in disgust.


The chronic malnutrition which arose from this, combined with the very dirty air from the rapidly expanding factories, was the principle cause of the enormous numbers of deaths from a variety of illnesses.


At that time, not only was the supply of drinking water primitive and unreliable but also sewage systems were non-existent! This is why enormous numbers died from typhus and cholera (two illnesses which we, today, think of as tropical diseases).


It was the 19th century engineers who solved these problems. First came the railways which offered the farmers a means of rapid transport into the cities. This led the farmers to re-think their production priorities in order to sell into the cities. Other engineers built fresh water and sewage disposal systems.


The problem of air pollution, however, was only finally tackled a mere 70 years ago which led to a rapid decline in diphtheria.


As each of these was built, they all lead to a gradual improvement in general health.

It didn’t all happen at once, however; even the building of the railways from agricultural regions into the cities was the work of several decades. Even in the 1950’s some produce was still brought by horse and cart from nearby farms into the towns.


All in all, however, one sees a marked trend in the reduction of the numbers becoming ill and especially in the numbers of deaths, beginning in 1850. This trend intensified up to the First World War.

During the war years, there was a small reversal as resources were diverted into the war effort. After the war, there was a very rapid decline in both the numbers becoming ill and the deaths therefrom. By the end of the 1950’s one could draw the conclusion that they were defeated and had almost completely disappeared.

It was only after this that most of the so called vaccines first appeared on the scene.



Only when the basic needs are provided does it make sense to think about improvements to it. In the mid 1960’s this state was reached and there, then, arose a great wave of interest in possibilities to optimise personal nutrition and the benefits thereof.


Even today, at least 40% of all health problems are directly caused by inappropriate diet. There are claims that this could be as high as 70%. I can follow the argumentation but can only personally be certain of 40%. It is precisely for this reason that the pharmaceutical manufacturers, who also control the syllabus in medical schools, have made sure that nutrition is not once mentioned in medical training!


The fact is that the truth would greatly reduce the sales of pharmaceuticals. This is why the pharmaceutical cartel spends millions each year to prevent the truth reaching the public.


It’s not the “Gods in white Coats” that we should be thanking for our health and well-being but the men and women with pencils and dirty fingers who have built the solutions for us.


Whether you permit the pharmaceutical cartel to continue to profit, at your cost, from the work of the engineers is something which you must decide for yourself.


You can download a free guide to human appropriate nutrition here:


Coming soon: Part 6 - What really causes disease to spread?


Karma Singh
27th January 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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