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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson Seven

Do Viruses actually exist?


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As the entire vaccination hypothesis is based upon this, it is essential to have a clear answer to this question.


In a ruling from December 2016, the highest court in Germany - the Bundes Verfassungs Gericht - decided that the existence of a measles virus is not proven.
When one looks into the virus story, it is easy to follow their decision.


It began in the last years of the 19th century. Thanks to Pasteur and Koch, scientists of the time were obsessed with the fanciful concept of invading micro-organisms. At this time, some diseases were discovered which appeared to involve the necessity of invading micro-organisms much smaller than bacteria. Thus was born the concept of “Viruses”.

This hypothesis is classed, even today, as unproven!


In 1931, the electron microscope was invented. This, for the first time, made it possible to see things as small as the putative viruses. The electron microscope has, however, two major drawbacks; you can only look at dead material with it and only in black and white, never in colour. Any coloured picture which you may have seen which claimed to be that of a virus, is an artist’s impression created with Photoshop or similar!


As you would expect, many objects which had never previously been seen became visible.

Immediately, in a reputation saving exercise, some so called “scientists” jumped upon these and declared that: “These can only be the viruses that we have sought; otherwise, we have not the vaguest idea what they could be.” This is, at the beginning of 2018, still the present state of things: Ignorance about what something actually is, is used as “evidence” to support an hypothesis based upon nothing other than hot air. I do not know what you understand under the word “science” but this has nothing whatsoever to do with scientific principles or rules of evidence.


As more of these mysterious particles were discovered, they were simply declared to be the cause of this or that illness without the slightest thread of supporting evidence; their motto being, “We haven’t the vaguest idea what these things are, they are, therefore, the missing viruses.”


In part 4 we have already seen that there is at least one man who knows what these particles actually are because he has invented a third type of microscopy with which one can see not only these but also even smaller things in an active, living state. He has not found any evidence at all which would support the virus hypothesis!

In point of fact, he has discovered that something completely different to the postulated “virus attacks” is what truly happens: Your own body produces defensive micro-organisms (the things that conventional medicine calls viruses) which have the task of dissolving damaged cells. This, then, prevents the damage being carried over into neighbouring cells - a self-purification process.


His observations appear to be revolutionary only if you, to date, have only been given the pharmaceutical view of things. From the point of view possessing detailed knowledge of biological, resonance and informational systems, the medical theory of attacking viruses would be revolutionary - if it were true. 


This world has been very cleverly designed and everything has a natural harmony and balance. Everything is constantly recycled so that new forms can be made. Everything that our bodies excrete is, in many differing ways, nutrition for micro-organisms which convert it into nutrients for the plants which we then eat.

Pumping the greater part of our excretions into the sea has significantly contributed to the reducing fertility of our farmlands. Further, the reduced recycling activity in the soil itself has led to the present shortage of carbon dioxide - an essential nutrient for almost all plants - which has further reduced the fertility of our agricultural lands.


In the Morpho-Genetic Field of the Earth there are healthy, damaged and dead organic materials. There are many millions of insects, fungi, bacteria etc. which have the task of recycling the damaged and dead materials to keep the world clean and healthy. When cells in our bodies have become damaged or perturbed, these recycling organisms receive automatically, via the Earth’s Morpho-Genetic Fields, the impulse to break up those cells and to make the proteins from which they were made available for other processes.


Many of these recycling organisms live dormant within our bodies until they are given a task to complete. Immediately, they awaken and begin to act. As soon as they have completed their work, they return to the dormant state. This is exactly that which Gaston Naessens has shown  to us all (see part 4).


The recycling organisms are present in our bodies from birth. This makes a very great deal of sense because they must be immediately active when they are needed. The concept that they would “fly in” from somewhere is much too risky. Our bodies have, therefore, created their own recycling systems.


We see further proof of this when someone leaves their body permanently. Dependent upon the temperature, the “dead” body begins to decompose within a few hours or days. The organic material will be recycled. Note, however, this process begins on the inside, never from the outside! This means that the recycling organisms were always present in the body but kept inactive by the presence of a soul. As soon as the soul departs, the dominant stipulation in the “dead” body is, “recycle everything.”


Contrary to the medical hypothesis of attacking parasites, I propose the thesis of natural recycling of damaged cells by micro-organisms created by our own bodies.

The big difference is that there is hard evidence supporting my thesis!



The conclusion that we must draw is, therefore, that vaccination is a nonsensical concept which could never bestow any benefit at all but could (and does) cause severe injury and death.


Coming soon: New Series - Part 1: "Why is homeopathy so much more effective than pharmaceutical medicine?"


Karma Singh
9th February 2018


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