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How to make Millions through lying - Lesson One

Deutschland sucht den Impfpaßbetrug!

(I‘ve left the German sub-title intact because there is a poster campaign running at present in Germany which seeks to imply that survival depends upon getting all possible vaccinations. This is a word-play upon those posters which shows it as the fraud which it truly is.)


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The former president of the USA, Franklin D. Roosevelt, once said that there are three ways to tell a lie:

A) a deliberate untruth

B) Tell the truth but only a carefully selected part of the truth so that your listener will be lead into error

C) Tell the truth and the whole truth but so unconvincingly that your listener believes the opposite.


I would add a fourth type to this list:


D) Make a declaration about something and then imply that this is also valid for something else which is totally unrelated.


A report in die “Welt”, a german online mainstream news magazine, gives a glowing example of methods B and D which have recently taken place in the german parliament (the Bundestag).
If you can follow German, the report is here:


According to the report, a politician with the name Wieland Schinnenburg, from the FDP party (the party oriented towards large businesses) asked the Merkel government a question about vaccination. The way in which the question was set and the answer are “shining” examples of the type B lie. Extending the answer, as the government spokesman did, as well as additional comments added by Mr. Schinnenburg, are extreme, life threatening examples of the type D lie.


The formulation of both the question and the answers given make it clear that the whole thing was carefully scripted beforehand and dictated by the pharmaceutical cartel.

As so many people each day discover that vaccination does not and never has functioned (even the theory with which the pharmaceutical cartel tries to make it believable is, scientifically speaking, total nonsense) and vaccination is an annual 2.2 Billion Dollar business (US billion) the cartel is attempting, with all possible means, to impose compulsory vaccination. Pre-purchased politicians, as in this example, are used to lead the general populace into accepting totally insane actions.


Let us take a look at how the question and the answer were phrased in the “Bundestag”


Actually, he didn’t ask a question; he accused the government of not doing enough to spread vaccination. He “justified” his “accusation” with propaganda taken word for word straight from the pharmaceutical cartels advertising texts.
Whether there is any scientific evidence to support this is something that we will examine in part two.


“Purely coincidentally, just happened” to have brought some statistics with them that day into the Bundestag, statistics which appeared to support Mr. Schinnenburg’s accusation. It was, for example, claimed that “at least 280 have died due to the long-term effects of measles over the last ten years”.

What are these previously unknown “long-term effects”?

This is called “subacute sclerosing panencephalitis“.


Just as with so very many medical labels, behind it there is nothing other than assumption, pretentiousness and helplessness, i.e. “we haven’t got the vaguest idea what’s going on here or what to do about it but we’ll put this clever sounding label on it so that it sounds as though we know something useful and can write a bill.


This terrible sounding “subacute sclerosing panencephalitis“, as soon as one begins to look behind the label, is seen to be nothing more than an assumption that the measles “virus” mutates over many years into a “something” which destroys the brain, i.e. it is without exception fatal in medical hands. The assumption has not the slightest thread of scientific support!


The one thing that these 28 children per year have in common is that they all went through measles before they were two years old! This is the flag waving, horn blowing evidence; problems and deaths with measles only happen when the liver is not fully formed. In point of fact, there are very good reasons to view measles as a maturing process for the liver and not an illness at all (see part 3).


Only at around 4 ½ years of age, is the liver completely formed. The question, therefore, is why did these children go through measles long before their livers were ripe for it?


Because, however, in accord with the wishes of the pharmaceutical cartel, only research which is likely to lead to the sale of further pharmaceutical nostra is financed, this absolutely clear-cut evidence is completely ignored.


So: The true tally of the deaths from measles since 2007 is exactly ZERO!


Just to make things a little easier to place, your risk of dying on the roads is between 114 times and 133 times higher than the "government" 28! (Dependent upon where you live).


It is much more relevant to ask here, “How many children have been killed or permanently disabled by vaccines in these same ten years?”

This question was most carefully avoided in the Bundestag and one must take careful note that such statistics are not so easy to get as those which support vaccines. Figures gathered from more than one country suggest most strongly that the sum is at least one thousand times higher and that the sum is constantly climbing parallel to the increase in “recommended” vaccines.


Coming soon: Part 2 - does vaccination have any scientific justification or merely financial?

Karma Singh
7th January 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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