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Vaccination - new Discoveries

“Vaccination” could well be very much more dangerous than we have, to date, believed.


For some years I have been working with a family in England in which two of the four children are slowly dying of Muscular Dystrophy. To date, although we have been able to slow down the deterioration we have neither stopped nor reversed it.


For those not familiar with this malady, what happens is that, for some “unknown” reason, from about the age of six, the immune system “identifies” muscle cells as foreign matter and attacks and destroys them. From the point of view of quantum biophysics, it is obvious that something is distorting either the informational structure of the muscle cells or the immune system itself; the former being by far the more likely of the two. The problem has been to discover what the cause is.

And then I met a german toxicologist who has devoted his life to discovering the true causes of diseases and their solutions (more hereto in a later article).


The discussions with Dr. Haecker ranged over many subjects in which it was already certain that some sort of poisoning was the problem. Then I asked him whether he had any insights to offer on muscular dystrophy.

What he told me in a few sentences blew the lid off a whole big can of worms.

This is it:


But first a small digression. The medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry has developed a habit to cover up lack of progress. Where there has been no progress with a particular disease for many years the name is simply removed from the list of illnesses and “magically” a new malady with amazingly similar symptoms appears out of nowhere. You may well have noticed, for example, that manic-depressives are no longer a burden to our society; their problem appears to have been eliminated by medical “science”. Simultaneously with this medical “victory” Bi-Polar Disorder has appeared out of nowhere. When you compare the symptoms of both maladies, you instantly perceive that they are identical and all that has actually taken place is that the name has been changed.

So it is with muscular dystrophy.


The first thing that Dr. Haecker told me was, “It’s polio and they’ve just changed the name!” He then continued, “All polio (and muscular dystrophy) cases since 1947 have been caused by the polio vaccine and the source of the problem is the way in which the so-called vaccines are manufactured.”

This is what he explained to me:


The manufacturing of “vaccines” is carried out in this manner.
They take vast quantities, rack upon rack upon rack of fertilised chicken eggs and then a machine comes along, sticks a needle deep into each egg and squirts a sample of the virus into the unhatched chick. This, of course, kills the chicken (mostly) and they then use special technology to prevent the natural decomposition of the chick in the egg. After a few days it is adjudged that the injected virus will have sufficiently multiplied itself and that the dead (or dying) chicken will have produced antibodies to it. At this point, all the eggs are simply mashed up together and the liquid content drained off. This liquid, after the addition of mercury, a collection of other toxins and immune suppressants, becomes the “vaccine” injected into your body.


Even biochemically viewed, the contents of vaccine ampules can never be constant. This, alone, suggest most strongly a cause for the widely varying effects of so called vaccination.


When we look at the informational content, however, we perceive that this is completely random. Some ampules may be almost neutral. Many will contain the death information of the millions of slaughtered unborn chicks and, dependent upon the intensity of the death information present, will cause symptoms varying from mild discomfort up to permanent disability. Some will have the death information so concentrated that they cause the almost immediate death of the child into which it has been injected.

All available evidence of vaccination reactions over many decades makes this supposition virtually unassailable.


This explains why the pharmaceutical conglomerate has, for many years, been making such enormous efforts to have homoeopathy banned - not because of its much greater effectiveness, much lower cost and zero side-effects but, if serious research were made into informationally based medicine, it would rapidly become apparent that vaccination is a major CAUSE of sickness, serious injury and death.


There are two more nails which can be hammered into vaccination’s coffin. These are:



Despite the stance of the pharmaceutical cartel that double blind tests to prove the effectiveness of vaccination (or otherwise) would somehow be “unethical” because two groups of people would be “denied” the “unquestionable benefits” of vaccination, such comparisons have, at times, been carried out. Uniformly, they show vaccination to be a principal cause of the disease they are sold to prevent. See this list for more details.



The theory upon which the vaccination fairy tale is based is, scientifically speaking, “fatally flawed”. This expression is the polite way scientists have of communicating to colleagues that their theories are total bullshit. 
The theory claims that, by injecting a weakened or dilute form of a virus, the immune system will be triggered to produce antibodies to that virus so that when the “real” version of the virus “attacks”, antibodies will already be present and the illness will not occur.

There are two problems with this: 


A fully functional immunity will naturally produce the antibodies anyway but a weakened immunity may not. This is why injecting the virus causes the disease in those with an immunity weakened by malnutrition, stress and other debilitating factors. 


As Bechamp showed in the 19th century and Neassens proved in the last one, bacterial and viral “infections” do not occur through external attack but that bacteria and viruses already present since birth are triggered into activity. I.e. disease is an internal process and not an external attack. This, of course, explains why, of those who come into contact with a supposed “infectious disease”, more than 95% are completely unaffected by it.

Modern scientific research has added another heavy hammer blow to this coffin nail in that it has shown that everyone has the bacteria and viruses for almost every known disease present in their bodies since birth all of which lie dormant until called into action.


I am currently working with other sufferers from “incurable” diseases which appeared shortly after vaccination. What we are attempting to do is to remove the deadly vaccination information from their system and, to, thus, permit the return to normal balance.

I will keep you posted upon this.


As more and more information such as this comes to light, people will, naturally, use their common sense and turn away from the vaccination scam. The only recourse which the pharmaceutical cartel has is to use their massive financial clout to purchase legislation making vaccination compulsory. Even this will not work longer-term as we saw in France in 2009; although an emergency law was passed making “swine flu” vaccination compulsory, with a refusal rate approaching 90% of the population, plans to implement it were quietly dropped.


It should be abundantly clear to everyone that these disclosures are not going to please the pharmaceutical cartel. Their usual method of dealing with such is to use all of their power to suppress them. I have, therefore, prepared all this information as .pdf documents in English and in German.

With a right mouse click you can download these documents and distribute them by all means at your disposal.


 Vaccination - the Lid has been blown off  pdf   64  kb


Impfen - der Deckel wurde abgeblasen   pdf   121 kb


Blessed be


Karma Singh
5th July 2016



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