WHO Press conference 16th April 2020


Having received an unexpected invitation to this conference, I posed several questions which completely flummoxed the WHO panel. Instead of being black listed as we exprected, they asked us, on the following day, to submit the questions in writing so that they could answer them in detail.


To ensure that they have all of the details necessary to uderstand the questions, I have writen a seven page document which you can download here:


In English     209 kb


in German     216 kb


For even more detail, I have written two books on this theme:-


The 'flu Fairy tale which, using influenza as the example,

takes the whole hypothesis of infectious disease apart,

shows what really happens and offers highly effective

non-pharmaceutical solutions which anyone can use at


This book, together with its audio files, is only available

as a download - there is no printed edition.


English language edition


German language edition


Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.

A book in 2 parts showing precisely why pharmaceutical

medicine does not and never could work as well as

explaining the reality which does lead to solutions to

most health issues.

This book is available both in printed form and as an

e-book download. At the moment, the post is refusing

to deliver books outside of Europe and so N. Americans

and Australasians must content themselves with the

e-book edition


English language edition


German language edition


There is a companion volume currently being written.

At this time I cannot give a publication date.




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