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Why does conventional Medicine completely reject modern Science?


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The 420 year old Newtonian concept of a mechanical universe which, in the intervening years, has been completely disproven, offers the pharmaceutical cartel one enormous advantage:
It appears to say that a human being is a pre-programmed machine in which the “owner” is incapable of changing anything. This means, of course, that a “White Knight” is necessary before any improvements in life can take place.

Enter, stage left, the half-god in white coat.


The conventional medical perception “human being as a machine” stumbles straight away upon the question of from where consciousness appears.


Although pharmaceutical medicine insists that consciousness is an effect of brain development which “magically” appears during the first few years of life and disappears once again at death, they are, in fact, unable to present the slightest shred of evidence to support their hypothesis. They will, of course, never get any because modern science has shown their concept to be nonsensical and detached from reality. The problem is that this dogma, i.e. a compulsory belief given ex-Cathedra, requires the belief in this and other dogmas which have no scientific foundation as a pre-condition for obtaining a medical licence and condition for maintaining same. If you refuse to believe in this unscientific clap-trap you will be expelled from the “church” by the revocation of your licence to practise medicine.


Their next problem is their own “Human Genome Project” which was intended to map the entire human genetic structure. Out of this project, the pharmaceutical manufacturers had promised themselves a super-lucrative new business in “genetic therapy” to “change a human’s life and destiny by changing his/her genes.


According to their Newtonian hypothesis of genetic determinism there should be a minimum of 214,000 genes which, together, determine every aspect of human behaviour and life. (Please note carefully here that their hypothesis states that free will, making choices and responsibility are not only impossible but could never have existed!)


After many years and many millions of dollars, the final results came in. This shows that there are only about 25,000 genes! 190,000 LESS than would be necessary to support their hypothesis of humans as mindless “machines”.


Their own research shows incontrovertibly that genes determine nothing and are not even capable of doing so!


In the 1980’s, the new science of Epigenetics was born and to this day flourishes. This shows clearly what genes truly are, i.e. a passive database which your own cells copy and modify at will. The book “Intelligent Cells” and the DVD “Mind over Genes” from Professor Bruce Lipton PhD., give a very clear introduction to epigenetics in a form easy to understand.


Despite these revelations, the dogma of genetic determinism is still presented in medical schools and public fora such as the BBC and other “national” broadcasting systems as though it were real and actually happens instead of the nonsense which their own research has shown it to be. Out of this dogma, comes the hypothesis of “inherited illness” - a nonsensical concept having no point of contact with reality.


That which is sold to us as “inherited disease”, is almost exclusively the same destructive habits and behaviour patterns which are taught by one generation to the next until one of them says “stop” and changes the destructive behaviour. In my more than 30 years as professional healer, people have often come to me with the medical “curse” of inherited illness. Without exception, by recognising and eliminating the destructive habits, they have freed themselves from this medical bane.


Modern physics teaches us that all material, including your physical body, are not fixed things but temporary effects. “Temporary” in this context means tiny fractions of a second! I.e. many times each second, your body will be dissolved and new material will be created.


What controls this process? Why doesn’t your body just simply disappear? 


The thing that holds your body together, i.e. constantly re-creates it is yourself - you, the guiding soul that uses the physical body for a time. This is also why your body constantly changes: Your consciousness gives the controlling / creative impulses, i.e. information which constantly forms your body anew. It is for this reason that a competent healer can look at you and, just from your physical appearance and movement, read your life habits. Your creative information naturally manifests itself in the form and structure of your body. In order to change your body, a change in the causation information must first take place. This is not only very practical and accords with the work of a competent healer or homoeopath but is also again and again confirmed by modern physics.


With chemicals (formed material) one could never change the much more active information. One can mask or anaesthetize the symptoms, i.e. the effects, of the information with chemicals (as every alcoholic or heroin addict will confirm) but so long as the causational information remains in control, there can be no end to suffering.

This is not only practical experience but also precisely that which Epigenetics, Quantum Biophysics and other, much older sources of knowledge consistently confirm.


In order to heal (make whole) the perturbing information must be replaced with ordered.


This is, for example, the reason why the Harmony Technology which brings perturbed informational flows back into the natural order, is up to 95% effective with so many so called “incurable illnesses”: Once the cause has been removed, the effect ceases.


The pharmaceutical industry which lives exclusively from the manufacture and sale of chemicals cannot, therefore, accept modern science but must constantly fight to keep humanity away from it. 


Modern science shows incontrovertibly that pharmaceutical medicine does not and never could work.

In order to survive, the pharma-industry has no other choice than, through “pre-purchased” politicians and bureaucrats combined with black propaganda** to attempt to forbid public access to functional healing methods and practitioners.


(**Most of the mainstream press is owned directly or via a chain by the owners of the pharmaceutical cartel)



Coming soon, Part 3: Homoeopathy is unscientific??????


Karma Singh
5th March 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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