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A great big Thank You
Sunday 11th July
The new World Religion

A great big thank you

to all those who are helping us through this most difficult time with my lungs. The generosity of many is an enormous help.

Astrologically, this week is very difficult but, from Monday (tomorrow), immediately following the solstice, we all have a week to enjoy. Today, the almost constant coughing fits make it impossible to sleep which is why I'm doing this newsletter at 03.30 in the morning. Often, with daylight, things calm down and I can get some sleep. I am also very glad to say that the Naturopath who is working with me returns from holidays tomorrow.

I'll keep you up to date with further developments.


On the eleventh of next month

On Sunday, 11th July is the next Light Pillar of Life seminar.

This takes place online, i.e. in the comfort of your own home and all you need is a computer with camera and microphone. If your computer doesn't have these built in, you can get a webcam from your electronic shop which plugs into a USB port. A make to recommend is Logitech from about £25.00 / $30.00 upwards.

Some people have covered their cameras with sticky tape. This leaves residues on the lens and it is then like trying to see you through a thick fog. You need white spirits to remove these residues so that a clear image can be seen.

The seminar is about regaining "lost" abilities through the re-attachment of a part of you which became detached about 4000 years ago.

Full details of the seminar and the history behind it are here

You can go straight to registration by clicking on this link


Covid - the new World Religion

As you may well recall from the newsletter on 18th April in which I explored in some detail exactly what a "religion" is: The basis of all religions is compulsory beliefs, also called "dogma". To be in the religion and to remain in it, you must subscribe to these dogma and that without question. Questioning the dogma leads inexorably to expulsion and, not uncommonly, to execution.

In this context, there are a number of things which claim to be science but, being based upon compulsory beliefs instead of facts, are more accurately to be called religions. One of these is pharmaceutical medicine! To attain and to maintain a licence to practice medicine, you must subscribe to a number of beliefs which have no basis in fact:-

1. Infectious disease; invented by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch in the mid-19th century for the purpose of gaining great wealth and fame. Pasteur admitted in his memoirs which, under the terms of his will, were released to the public in 1995, that he falsified his laboratory results so that they appeared to confirm the postulate of infection by external agents. The actual results, however, show that, as these "infectious agents" (bacteria) are to be found in most healthy people and animals, they cannot be causational in regard to any illness.

2. Long after Pasteur and Koch's time, at the end of the 19th century, certain botanists decided, based purely upon supposition, that there are even smaller disease agents - too small ever to be seen. These received the epithet "virus" which is the Latin word for poison.
In December 2016, Germany's highest court was asked to rule upon the evidence as to whether viruses actually exist. They ruled that supposition, guesswork and unsupported opinion are not evidence and the existence of the virus was not proven.
The case resulted from a claim for a reward of €100,000 for proof of the existence of the measles virus. Although the reward has been increased to €1,500,000, no further attempt has been made to claim it! This, of course, speaks volumes about the state of knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Injecting "sick" material into healthy people will render them immune to the sickness. This process is called vaccination.
Right from its inception, in the late 18th century, the actual results show uniformly that this process spreads disease - exactly what you'd expect, wouldn't you?
More details here

These dogma are the backbone of the wealthiest business on the planet. It is, therefore, understandable (if reprehensible) when so many resources are squandered to protect them.
One of the many tools used to protect the vaccination business (worth somewhere around 5 billion dollars each year) is the expulsion of qualified doctors who discover and proclaim the vaccine fraud, i.e. revocation of your licence to practice medicine, i.e. destruction of your livelihood. Nonetheless, many, many thousands of practising doctors leave pharmaceutical medicine each year and re-train in much more effective techniques such as naturopathy, homoeopathy, etc. Homoeopathy is, actually, the most advanced form of medicine generally available. It is, basically, the active constituent of a medicine separated from the poisonous chemical carrier.
As the sole business of the pharmaceutical industry is the manufacture of those chemical carriers which homoeopathy makes completely unnecessary, their decades-long malicious propaganda war against homoeopathy become intelligible if blameworthy.

It is worth noting in parenthesis here that the "photographs" of viruses, taken through an electron microscope, are 100% illusory. Not only the preparation for but also the electron microscope process itself destroys any organic material. All that can be seen is the small residues of toxic heavy metals which have partially replaced the organic tissues - nothing else remains. Such photos are of completely dead material, i.e. whatever it is that is "seen" there is no indication of what it is, where it came from, what it does or where it goes to; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is known or can be known about the nature of these particle residues.

Over the decades, the pharmaceutical industry has spent and continues to spend a vast fortune on propagating the virus fallacy in schools and amongst the public in general. This has proven to be so effective that a great many people find it very difficult to comprehend that it may all be one big fairy tale. It is upon this that the Merkel and others base their new Covid religion.

Over the decades, the virus indoctrination in schools, on television and in (almost all) newspapers and magazines has made this such an unquestionable dogma that a large majority find themselves actually incapable of questioning it. Nonetheless, the evidence for the existence of viruses is extremely weak and that for "antibodies" completely non-existent.

Based upon the effectiveness of the childhood indoctrination, the bankers and all of their stooges around the world, proclaimed a "pandemic" based, scientifically, upon nothing at all. They reasoned, quite correctly, that there does not actually need to be a sickness; a general belief that there is such is quite sufficient to enable them to impose draconian measures to destroy lives and livelihoods as a precursor to confiscating all private property and handing all businesses over to the cartels, which the bankers also own.

But the disease does exist, many have said to me: I know because family members / friends' family members have died of Covid-19.
"How do you know?" I ask. Did you perform the diagnosis? Were you present at the autopsy? You see, you don't know; you just believe what you're told with no evidence whatsoever. As the whole thing begins to unravel, it is revealed that "Covid-19 deaths" have been over-reported by at least 1600% and, although the WHO banned autopsies world-wide, many have been done and none of them have found any trace of this phantom sickness.

The tool presently in widespread use to divert us from recognising reality is the "great debate" about whether the bats from which the virus came were raised in a germ warfare laboratory in Wuhan. Note, how the existence of the "virus" is taken as read as is the origin in bats.
Neither has any point of contact with reality!

The true origin of the "virus" is the money which Bill Gates "gave" to have "professor" Drosten in Berlin and the American CDC to manufacture "Photoshop" models of what such a "virus" might look like if it could be found. This is still the present state of affairs - all governments (of 44 asked under Freedom of information legislation, 31 replied) concede that they know of no laboratory or institute world-wide which claims to have a real specimen. Add to this, that "professor" Drosten declared, on the basis of zero examination, not even visiting Wuhan, that the "virus" is a mutated bat "virus" from a cave 40 miles north of Wuhan. So, now you know what the reality is, what are you going to do about it?

In conclusion we come to some actual statistics. We will use those in Germany as typical. On average, 2000 per day die in Germany. It is claimed by the Merkel that more than 50,000 have died of Covid-19. Where are the bodies? They don't exist - the Merkel relies upon the fact that very few people know what the normal death rate is and even fewer are willing to find out. In 2020, many undertakers went onto short-time working because there were too few bodies to deal with!
The rate of "infection" (or, more accurately, pseudo-infection as the notorious PCR "test" looks not for a mythological virus but for a micro-protein fragment present in the normal, healthy, human genome). This protein fragment, since 2020 called Sars-Cov-2 and known since at least 2004, is then used to declare completely healthy people to be sick and infectious. Interestingly, the "test" fails to detect this protein fragment in the majority of cases despite the fact that it is always there. This tells you at once how reliable this "test" is.

"Infection" statistics are not expressed as percentages, as is normal, but as proportions of 100,000 as this sounds more imposing. Using the mathematical formula that all of us learned in school, these figures can quickly be converted to percentages:-
350 per 100,000 = 0.35%
Present "tested" levels of 14 per 100,000 = 0.014%
Before an epidemic can be declared, a minimum of ONE per cent is required!
Although there is no precise definition of a pandemic, the level required is many times that of an epidemic.

Calling this minimal background "infection rate", even if it were real, a pandemic is treason of the highest order against the people as a whole.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
20th June 2021


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