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How to stop worrying!

Thanks to advances in epigenetics and quantum biophysics during the last few years, more and more of that which the healers have been teaching for millennia is being scientifically confirmed.


This science is also very useful to we healers as it shows, at the level of the cells themselves, exactly how destructive emotions cause illnesses.


The most debilitating of all emotions is the worry habit. By going into “worry mode” you invest more and more of your energy into it until you become unable to do anything useful at all. Worrying, however, is nothing other than the search to find future causes for past fear.
I’ll just repeat that:


Worrying is the search to find future causes for past fear.


Yes, worrying IS completely meaningless! That’s why it weakens you so.


So far, quantum biophysics accompanies me. I go, however, much, much further.


How can it be that a competent healer can take one look at you and immediately know how you think and how you live whereas a medical person can spend weeks in the laboratory and seldom find the cause of your problem?


Epigenetics can come with us for a part of this journey. Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD. has, with his book “The Biology of Belief” published the basic information upon which this rests.
Prof. Lipton and the healers are in agreement that the state of the human body is determined, amongst other things, by the thoughts a feelings of the owner.


To proceed further along this road, I must go without the accompaniment of Prof. Lipton. The next steps are empirical, i.e. long experience has shown that they function but science has not yet explained precisely why they do.


Every part of the human body reacts with a particular class or type of thought and only that type! Each emotion and each feeling has its own specific resonance point within the human body. You can download the hand book describing the basic structures, free of charge here.


With focussed work in these points of resonance, one can change a very great deal.

Our theme for today is worrying. Where is the central resonance point for this? What are we going to do with it when we have found it?


The antidote for worrying is love; a feeling that everyone knows but has been trained to express it exclusively outwards. What we need to practice is to focus this feeling inwards.

You can have either love or worries but never both because they are complete opposites and cancel each other out. Each worry that is completely loved will completely and without trace cease to exist: Love is perfect truth and worries are completely without meaning.


So, where do we now need to go? Here we are helped greatly by a figure of speech; “I am worried sick”. It is, in fact, to the stomach that we need to go. More precisely it is to the lower stomach valve (anatomically - Pyloric Sphincter).

How will you find it?

It is, in fact, very easy to find from the outside. If you go from your breastbone underneath your lowest left rib pushing in with your fingertips, you will find, quite close to your breastbone, a point which is very sensitive and causes a feeling of nausea when you press it. Now you’ve found it. See the sketch - click on it to show it larger.


For worries to exist at all, they need to constantly re-charge themselves at this point.  In order to exist at all, each worry must sit in this point or regularly pass through it. When, instead of brooding they find love here then their fuel is denied them.


In order to delete the worry habit we need, therefore, do nothing further than to practice focussing the feeling of love into this area. Then, as each worry, upon its normal circulation, comes into the resonance point it will encounter the love and just disappear without trace.


Just as with all new skills, this needs practice. With practice, however, you will quickly master this. Even one minute has an effect. And then the next minute. And then the five minutes. Soon, you will be able to do this for an hour non-stop with the greatest of ease. The practical practice time is 20 minutes daily.  Longer is, of course, better.


What you will experience is a physical relaxation which goes steadily deeper.
After a while you will, one day, experience a feeling as though your thoughts also relax. From this point onwards, things really get going with creating a fulfilling life for yourself.


When you have freed up your energy to the point that you can use it for yourself instead of it acting against you, the manifestation techniques in this book are going to be of great use to you.


Should you wish to make the investment, it is possible to greatly accelerate and to deepen this and all other releasing processes. Just click on this link to take a look at it.


Karma Singh



9th May 2014


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