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This Newsletter has three Topics:

The worst three and a half weeks of my life
Light Pillar of Life new date
Three million Euros

I have just been through the worst three and a half weeks of my life!

We moved here after discovering that the house where I had been staying is severely polluted with toxic chemicals used in the building materials. Last week, asbestos was discovered in my lungs!
Two weeks after completing the move here, my weakened lungs allowed a severe fungal infection to spread throughout my body. Often, I was unable to get sufficient oxygen into my body to manage the walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and back in one go. Many times, it was touch and go whether I would survive and, to be honest, there were occasions on which I was so exhausted that I only half wanted to keep living.

With skilled help, encouragement from friends and expert nursing from Chirada, I am now through the worst of it.
During this last night, my kidneys finally started working properly again with the result that the "brain fog" I've been living with for the past weeks has now lifted: If I can use a racing car analogy, my brain was like having a V12 engine in which only 5 cylinders were working. Today it feels like nine cylinders - just three more to go!

Of course, it has been impossible for me to do any work in this time and we've had almost no income. If this rate of improvement continues, I could well be back at work within the week.

Although it is only a few weeks since I asked your help, we do need your support once again. Every little helps and all donations, large or small, will be received with gratitude. If you already know the bank account details, just make a transfer. If not, or if you want to use a credit or debit card, just click on the donations button to the right of this paragraph.

Blessed be





Light Pillar of Life

As some of you already know, I had to postpone the seminar that was planned for the 16th of May because I was not able to lead such a seminar.


In the seminar a very important part of yourself that has been disconnected from you for the last 3000 years will be reconnected. This, in turn, is your access to many abilities that we all need in the coming times.


The seminar will take place on Sunday 11th July 


Full details are here


Go directly to registration here








3 Million Euros

For most of us that sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it?

(Approximately £2.6 million, $3.66 million.)

Well, if everything were to be fairly and equally divided, each of us would have more than thirteen million Euros! Because, however, we are living under a system deliberately designed to be unfair and exploitive, one man (Rothschild) is the world's only trillionaire and is the outright owner of almost every other bank on the planet.

So, how do we "get out from under"?

Information is the key.

Because Rothschild also controls most of the world's press, most people are completely unaware of the real state of affairs under which they live.

Most of the independent media lives "on a shoestring", regularly have their funds "legally" stolen by Rothschild's bankers and have many bureaucratic obstacles placed in their way, usually by dictatorial fiat having no legal basis. Many have not taken the obvious necessary step of moving their entire activity away from the internet giants (YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon et. al.) where content is heavily censored and with increasing severity. Although some have not taken note of "the writing on the wall", many simply do not have the resources to move their content away from the online censorship cartel to secure areas where the public can access and use it.

For nearly five years now, one organisation has been built up to provide not only the needed online facilities but also terrestrial and satellite television channels; something to which, up until now, independent news reporting has had no access, i.e. on television you can only see the official, "government" line because there is no other choice. This follows Merkel's notorious declaration, "There is truth and there are political facts." (Never the twain shall meet.)

Carefully, step by step, ensuring that all resources lie outside of the reach of the Merkel, specifically, and the EU, generally, several buildings have been purchased to form a home for all independent media. These require substantial modifications to function as television, radio and filming studios as well as switching centres for external input, including live reports.

All is now in place and the first part of the plan is already operational. This is the censorship free video portal (alternative to YouTube) at where you will already find many sources of independent journalism, art, healing etc. Further developments such as a webinar facility are already in the test phase and programming to provide censorship free "facebook", "twitter" and much else, including two different online shop systems (alternatives to the Amazon monopoly) is "work in progress".


In addition to all of this, there is to be a school of healing and I have been asked to be its head.

We now come to the two areas where your participation is needed.
The project now requires the input of skilled programmers and an injection of further capital, i.e. three million Euros.
If you would like to help as a programmer then this is the email address to write to:-

To participate in the financing of this acutely necessary free and independent media which used to be guaranteed under the Basic Law of Germany until the Merkel annulled it, you need this.

There are many ways to participate from personal donations to loans to investment with profit share and much else. Donations can be made at any time using the details here:

All other modes of financing, please write to this email address:-

Blessed be
Karma Singh
9th June 2021


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly TWELVE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!






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