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This Newsletter has one Topic and a surprise:

Healing Wealth


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Just what is "Wealth"?

A simple definition would be to have everything that you need and the ability to fulfil all future needs.

Now, do you need a more complicated definition? Just bear in mind what Jeshua said in "A Course in Miracles":-


"Anything which is simple is very probably true. Anything very complicated is, with certainty, untrue because the complications exist solely to disguise the fact that there is nothing behind them."


Still want a complicated answer? Then ask a banker. It might appear to make some sort of confusing sense but, when you study it in detail, you will perceive that it's purest nonsense designed to persuade you to give the banker your money.


Which brings us to the concept of money itself; just, exactly, what is it?


Money is the tool which enables the biggest con-job that the world has ever seen (at least in the present historical records which only go back some 12,000 years or so).

Money has precisely zero intrinsic value, i.e. it is worthless! Think about this for one minute; is it truly money that you want or a new home, a new car, that holiday, etc., etc.? You see, you don't actually want the money at all; you merely have a belief that you need money in order to obtain the things that you truly want.


It is this carefully cultivated belief which makes it possible for the bankers to steal almost all of the wealth that you create. Interestingly, the German word for "economy" is "Wirtschaft". This is a portmanteau word with its roots in "Wert" (value) and "schaffen" (to create). The "Wirtschaft" (economy) is, literally, the creation of value. Now, do you need money to do this or is money simply the tool by which others steal from you the value which you, by your labour, have created?


Do you need money to plant the seeds which you gathered from last year's crop? Do you need money to make the rain fall? Do you need money to weed your plot? Do you need money to harvest what you have sown? Do you need money to cook and eat it?

It is precisely BECAUSE you have done everything yourself and simply used the natural abundance which is a condition of this universe that you get to keep everything that you have created.


But what if your car needs repair and you don't know how to do it?

There's a man down the road who is an expert in cars but doesn't have a plot to grow his own food. Maybe you can swap your excess for his skills to repair your car. Not a problem for either of you or?




If you sell any of what you have grown then the bankers want the lion's share. They call it by various names - sales tax, income tax, solidarity tax, finance interest, interest interest, social contributions, health insurance, inflation, etc., etc. ad nauseum.


From every Pound, Euro or Dollar of your income, you get to keep about 19 cents (falling)!


Of all the taxes that you pay, somewhat more than 80% lands in the bankers' pockets. I'm not going to go into all the details of what they do here - I have written a complete book about what they do, how they do it and how to get out of it. As I have not yet completed the English translation, I would suggest "Ubuntu" from Michael Tellinger as a good alternative.


In my newsletter of the 17th October "The Fear of being Rich", I asked for comments and suggestions and a great many people have responded. Almost all perceive that lack and poverty is something completely unnatural which has been imposed upon us by violence, including emotional blackmail (if you're rich, God will condemn you to eternal Hell).


Many are of the opinion that there is a single power behind it all.


The planet-wide coherence as well as the most interesting information on this in the Anastasia books from Vladimir Megré indicate that this may well be true. According to Anastasia, once we have seen though the charade and perceive the "Puppet Master" his days are numbered.


Is it Rothschild or is he merely a stooge taking orders?

David Icke points out that were all banks and insurance houses compelled to display the name of the actual owner above their doors, you would almost never see anything other than Rothschild. This, of course, would have made the manufactured "financial crisis" of 2007/8 somewhat more difficult as it would have been obvious that "money" is just being moved between different branches of Rothschild Inc. and no loss has actually occurred.


Is Rothschild the "Anti-Christ" whom, as legend would have it, appears (becomes visible) at this time?


The short answer is NO!


Some time ago, the Lords of Darkness were called into being.

By whom?
WE, i.e. you and I did it!


I don't (yet) know precisely when or why we did it but I do know how.


Following several major catastrophic events, the new profession of priest came into being.


These were opportunists who taught that all misfortune was visited upon us by malevolent gods who have to be constantly appeased in the manner in which these "priests" dictated.


By believing these con-artists, we gave and still give our creative energies to these constructs thereby causing them to exist. Thus is humanity presently divided between the inheritors of the con-artist "priests" who use "black magic" rituals to cause the "Lords of Darkness" to visit misfortune upon the rest of us and the "poor we" who believe that we must endure suffering and lack in order to "appease the gods".


So, you have a choice: Remain righteous and gain your "reward in Heaven" or "sell your soul to the Devil" (as Ferkel, Macaroni and bin Barak have) for temporal wealth and power.


The choice is, in reality, much simpler:

Keep giving your power to "The Lords of Darkness" or withdraw it.


As almost all of the present status is driven by habit, it only needs a few of us to consciously change the human morpho-genetic field in order to de-exist the lords of darkness.


This is how:

Visualise four giants standing upon the brow of a hill looking down upon you. They are dark grey in colour and have black eyes - otherwise, in the semi-darkness which constantly encompasses them you can see no details.

Observe and remember how you have, through many incarnations, given your life energy to them to keep them standing upon the hill instead of sweeping down to destroy you. Observe that you are now still doing this. Observe the tube than goes from your lower abdomen carrying your life energy to them.


First, stop the flow of life energy and then reverse it, i.e. pull your life energy back to you. N.B. ONLY your own energy! Observe how the lords of darkness gradually evaporate into the nothingness from whence they came.

Live on YouTube, I will give an explanation of this, today, Sunday 10th November at 16.00 Amsterdam, i.e. 15.00 London, 10.00 a.m. New York, 7 a.m. Pacific.

On Monday 11th November at 7 a.m. Amsterdam, 6 a.m. London, 1 a.m. New York, 10 p.m. (Sunday) Pacific I will lead all in the disempowerment and dissolution of our creation. 
My YouTube channel is here.



Then there is the need to re-programme your habits away from serving the poverty "needful" to appease the lords of darkness and realigning them to support you in becoming who you truly are.


I can offer two tools which will help you do this:

The first is the book "The Key to Luck" which shows you step by step how to re-programme your habits so that they deliver what you truly want.

The second is Karmas Mind Clearing which eliminates destructive childhood programming, disconnects old traumas from you power source so that they can longer manifest themselves against your will and then re-connects you with your source-being so that you can begin opening and using the many abilities which have atrophied during the past few millennia.


If you wish to give either of these as Christmas presents, all of my books bear a sliding discount scale. i.e. the more you purchase, the lower the price.

You can also give the Mind Clearing sessions to anyone and will receive a gift certificate with their name on it to hand over on the day.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,


9th November 2019


All books, hand books, courses and DVDs are available here:




The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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