Karma’s Yuletide Bazaar

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The Clearing Transmissions:-

This DVD is a key purchase, not only to set yourself and your loved ones free but also to get a 10% discount on everything else that you purchase at the same time; not only the other DVD and the printed books but also the e-books and the mantra apothecary. The exception to this is Karmas Mind Clearing

Further details of the Clearing Transmissions are on this web page


Normal Price $37.00 / £25.00 / €33,04   

For Yuletide just $33.00 / £21.00 / €29.00


The Goddess Transmissions:-

A staged programme over many weeks to clear and strengthen the pancreas and to open her "latent" abilities. In her higher functions, the pancreas is responsible for supplying the special energy nutrition needed by all of the other organs to open thier higher functions.


Amongst other things, the cause of snoring is a pancreas which has a too low function frequency. Usually, the problem disappears within a shoret time of beginning to use the DVD.

Further details on this website


Normal Price $87.00 / £57.00 / €77.00 

For Yuletide just $73.00 / £47.00 / €64.00





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