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To date, only three of the books which Karma has written are available in printed form.

(further books are "work in progress" and will be published during 2020)



Cancer? So what?

The purpose of the book is to give a clear insight into exactly what cancer is (it is NOT an illness!) and how your body both creates cancers and removes them.

Once you know the cause, you can not only clearly see what you need to do to resolve it but others can also use this knowledge to avoid landing in the same crisis themselves.

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Due to the discount stack, the more you purchase, the lower the price per copy.

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The Key to Luck:

This book was originally published in Germany where it isnow in its 18th reprint.

The more up-to-date English edition is exclusively available here. 

The book is the step-by-step guide into the art of unlimited manifesting, i.e. how to create everything that you want. 

Want to give it to many friends?

With the discount stack, the more you purchase, the lower the price per copy.

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Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.:-

The book which describes in details just how something so marginally usefull as pharmaceutical medicine could become so powerful that it has hijacked our entire health-care system and turned it into a multi-billion dollar sichness industry. 

From thebeginning as the Roman military's first aid service right through to their present attempts to impose compulsory medication because daily more and more people recognise just how little conventional medicine is capable of and where true health care is to be found.

Even here, the book offers sound advice. 

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All three books as a set for Yule Tide

Cancer? So what?
The Key to Luck
Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.
as a set of printed books for Yule Tide




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The amazing Harmony Technology


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