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Cancer? So what?

Cancer is NOT a disease but a natural, temporary, emergency solution for a chronic problem:
Identifying and resolving the real problem leads to the natural reduction of the symptoms.




The Key to Luck

The step by step guide to the art of manifesting, i.e. how to have everything that you want


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Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus

The book which completely disembowels the illusion of conventional medicine as useful to humanity.


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Set of all three books

The Key to Luck, Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P. and Cancer? So what? alltogether as a set of printed books





The Clearing Transmissions

The complete removal of all toxins from human organs by breaking the chain of dissolution and re-creation.

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PAL Edition for Europe & Australasia


NTSC Edition for N. America


The Goddess Transmissions

A complete programme to clear, regenerate and strengthen the pancreas followed by the opening of her latent abilities


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PAL Edition for Europe & Australasia


NTSC Edition for N. America





Combination offer


Cancer? So what?
with The
Clearing Tranmissions

The book describing in details exactly how cancers are caused and the DVD which eliminates the toxins always present with cancer and many other maladies.

PAL Edition for Europe & Australasia


NTSC Edition for N. America





Karmas Giant Saver Pack

All three printed books by Karma Singh plus both of the

healing DVDs

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Set with PAL Edition DVDs for Europa & Australasia



Set with NTSC Edition DVDs for N. America






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The Door to Yourself

The Door to Yourself


Ten week training course in Abundance Consciousness.


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The Healing Handbooks

from Karma Singh

Over 40 handbooks from Karma Singh covering alternative healing at a price anyone can afford.

- Health without pharmacy!

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