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Please note that the precise location or log in for a seminar will only be given out to verified registrations: The address will not be made public. This prevents people turning
up "on spec" only to find that there is no room for them.

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 This page here:- shows you the local times for the commencement of the seminars


At present, due to the fraudulent plandemic, seminars can only be given online.
To take part, you will need a computer with camera and microphone. If you co mputer does not have such built in, you can get a plug-in webcan very cheaply at more electronic shops (or even online!).

We would like to receive £80.00 / $110.00 / €100.00 per participant but, should this be a problem for you, send us an email with your "offer". We try to exclude no-one but must cover our costs.  


Would you like to have a seminar in your town?
At present not possible but we live in hope.
All that is needful is to find us a clean, quiet room in which up to 40 people can sit comfortably. Send us your request with details of the room which you have viewed and we will try to fit it into our ptogramme as quickly as possible. Please use the form which opens when you click upon "contact" at the top of this page.

Between seminars, we also offer personal consultations. Please use the same contact form if you wish to book an appointment.





Your location
Once you choose your location our website offers you additional location based contents. Please choose your country from the list above.

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