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At present, December 2019, there are three book from Karma Singh available in the printed form in English. All of these are also available in German and one, The Key to Luck, also in Italian.


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Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.



Decades of research have lead to this complete analysis of conventional medicine (also known as allopathic and pharmaceutical medicine).


The revelations in this book completely demolish their entire foundation.


Having cleared the way forwards, this book then shows the direction we need to take towards true health care.


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The purpose of the book is to give a clear insight into exactly what cancer is (it is NOT an illness!) and how your body both creates cancers and removes them.


Although considerably longer than the first edition, having much more useful information, the price is lower because the first edition included the delivery of a number of mantra audio files. These are now available from the Mantra Apothecary for those who wish to make use of them.


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The Key to Luck

The 1700 year old secret about taking command of every part of your life.

238 pages of easy to follow instruction -

the step by step guide to having everything that you want.

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The amazing Harmony Technology


Probably the World's first true

healing devices.


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The Door to Yourself

The Door to Yourself


Ten week training course in Abundance Consciousness.


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The revolutionary complete replacement for commerce


No more advertising costs.


No more uncertainty


No more wasted effort


No more searching for buyers - use the properties of the Morpho-genetic field to call them to you!


Absolute precision


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